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South Central Pennsylvania: Aligning Lean Techniques and Patient Partners
Maine: Leveraging Existing Infrastructure for Statewide Practice Improvement
Cleveland: Coaching for Clinical Change
Puget Sound: Using Transparency to Encourage Accountability
Oregon: Working with Consumers to Tackle Low Back Pain
Minnesota: Red, Yellow, Green: Appropriate Use of Diagnostic Imaging
San Antonio: Providing Health Care for the Acute Mentally Ill: A Community Response
Detroit: Simple Tools Reduce Emergency Department Use
Albuquerque: Community Outreach Exceeds Expectations
Tennessee: Combating Inertia of the Status Quo
Maine: Labor-Management Groups Drive Delivery System Redesign
Montana: Simple Strategies Can Lead to Big Wins
Massachusetts: Statewide Initiatives Using PCMH to Transform Care in the Safety Net
Puget Sound: Engaging Purchasers, Driving Improvement
Speaker Biographies - May 2012 National Meeting
Counting Change: Measuring Health Care Prices, Costs, and Spending
Full Agenda - May 2012 AF4Q National Meeting
Maternity Care Payment Strategies Catalyst for Payment Reform
Consumer Pre-Meeting Resources (May 2012)
May 2012 National Meeting - Fun Run!
AF4Q 4.0 - Request for Proposals
Measuring Patients' Experience of Care
Patient Experience: Messaging for Health Plans
Patient Experience: Messaging for Providers
Patient Experience of Care Glossary
Forces Driving Implementation of the CAHPS® Clinician & Group Survey
The Benefits of CAHPS®
Measuring Patient Experience
Agenda - May 2012 National Meeting
W NY: ROI Calculator
W NY: ROI Calculator Description
PCPAG Presentation at IHI International Summit March 2012
Positive Deviance Bibliography
Basic Field Guide to the Positive Deviance Approach
Positive Deviance Webinar: Slide Presentation 2 of 2
Positive Deviance Webinar: Slide Presentation 1 of 2
Alliance QI Service Descriptions
Improving Patient Experience in the Inpatient Setting A Case Study of Three Hospitals
HIPPA Privacy Presentation
Lessons Learned: Engaging Employers in Health Care
Return on Investment Calculator
Practice Coaching Standardized Training Curriculum
Practice Improvement Support Service Agreement
Essentials of Practice Coaching Overview
Essential Elements of a Practice Coaching Program
QI Leadership Training: March 2012 Meeting
Active Engaged Consumer Survey
Reducing Readmissions March 2012 Quality Forum Resource Collection
Ambulatory HIE Toolkit
Health Information Exchanges and Megachange
Improving Language Services: Quality Forum Recordings
QI Leadership Training: February/March 2013 Meeting- Alliance Presentations
Using Census Data to Measure Patient SES Webinar Presentation
Lessons Learned: Engaging Consumers to Improve Ambulatory Care
A How-to Guide on Developing and Running a Primary Care Practice Facilitation Program
Consumer Engagement Leadership Consortium - Group Charter
Consumer Engagement Leadership Consortium - Goals and Markers of Success: Synthesis
Recording from "Improving Management of Health Care Super-Utilizers" February 28th webinar.
Recording from "Improving Management of Health Care Super-Utilizers" February 27th webinar
"Improving Management of Health Care Super-Utilizers" Webinar - Resource Collection
LA Net PF Practice Registry for AHRQ Care Model Project
TCAB Cohort I & II: February 2012 Conference Call
PCPAG Phase II: Tools and Resources
The Effectiveness of Implementing an Electronic Health Record on Diabetes Care and Outcomes
Build It, and Will They Come? Unexpected Findings From a Study on a Web-Based Intervention to Improved Colorectal Cancer Screening
EHRs Are Not Enough: Essential Elements for Using Electronic Tools for Improvement
Bright Spot Submission Template
Improving Language Services: February 2012 Quality Forum Resource Collection
Health Information Technology Strategy Planning Guide
American Medical Association Online Continuing Medical Education Course on Health Information Technology
Reducing Readmissions January 2012 Quality Forum: Bright Spots, Part I
Case for Cost and Resource Use Reporting
11 Ways to Bolster Efforts to Engage Consumers: Public Reporting of Cost & Resource Use Information to Consumers
Reporting Cost and Resource Use Measures to Consumers: A Primer
Access to the Medical Record for Patients and Involved Providers: Transparency Through Electronic Tools
Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island Electronic Health Record Program Delivers Better Health, Lower Costs
Partnering with Patients and Families in Improvement: Roles to Consider
Are Families Considered Vistors In Our Hospital or Unit?
Advancing the Practice of Patient- and Family-Centered Care in Hospitals: How to Get Started…
2012 Heart Failure Calendar Spanish
2012 Heart Failure Calendar English
You Can Live with Heart Failure – Healthy Habits for Life
Getting Greater Value for Your Health Care Benefits: Lessons for Success from Employers, Unions and Coalitions in Aligning Forces for Quality
Finding Answers Disparities Research for Change Grant Portfolio
Grand Junction, Colorado: How A Community Drew On Its Values To Shape A Superior Health System
Blueprint for Quality and Patient Safety, Bright Spot
Communicating with patients and the public about value and payment reform, Bright Spot
Speaker Biographies - November, 2011 - National Meeting
Effective Advocacy
Improving Language Services: January 2012 Quality Forum Resource Collection
Consumer Pre-Meeting - November, 2011 National Meeting - Agenda
Consumer Pre-Meeting - Collection - November, 2011 National Meeting
Help! I want to share my story.
Defining the Problem: A Glossary of Cost and Price Transparency Terms
Hospital Quality Network: December 2011 Quality Forum Resource Collection
Cost and Price Transparency: Building Blocks for Value, November 2011
Alternative Quality Contract, Bright Spot
Patient Engagement in the Primary Care Renewal Collaborative, Bright Spot
Guided Care: Better care for People with Chronic Conditions, Bright Spot