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Building Health Care Value Through Health Information Technology (Unbranded)
An Assessment of Legal Issues Raised in "High Performing" Health Plan Quality and Efficiency Tiering Arrangements: Can the Patient Be Saved?"
You Can Live with Heart Failure: Healthy Habits for Life
Interpreting the Bottom Line: The Case for Language Services from the C-Suite
Improving Quality of Health Care Relies on Effective Language Services
Addressing Language Barriers in Health Care, Asks "What's at Stake?
In Any Language: Improving the quality and availability of language services in hospitals
Expecting Success: Excellence in Cardiac Care Results from Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Quality Improvement Collaborative
The Current State of Health Care Quality
Quality and Chronic Disease Glossary of Related Terms
Equity and Disparities - AF4Q Webinar, December 17, 2008
Connecting the Dots Between Quality and Access
2009 Ready-to-Use Newsletter Articles
Talking Points About Quality and Access
2008 Aligning Forces for Quality: Improving Health and Health Care Access Across America
Fundamentals of an Effective Website
Communications Planning Template (EXCEL)
Tactical Communications Planning Template
Strategic Communications Plan—Implementation Template
The Case for Quality: Insurers Template
Communications Plan Template
The Case for Quality: Employers Template
Quality/Equality Message Book
The Case for Quality: Doctors Template
How Engaged Are Consumers in Their Health and Health Care, and Why Does it Matter?
Developing Sustainable Business Models
Charting a Path for Health Care Payment Reform: Recommendations for the Field
Population Health: Connecting Initiatives in Maine
Good for Health, Good for Business: The Case for Measuring Patient Experience of Care
Opportunities for Medicaid Inclusion in Performance Measurement and Public Reporting (Issue Brief)
Summary of Alliance Use of Composite Measures
HIT in the ‘ARRA’ of Gobs of Money - Notes
Stories of Success! Leveraging HIT, Improving Quality & Safety
Health Information Technology Automation of Quality Measurement: Quality Data Set and Data Flow
Health Information Technology in the United States: On the Cusp of Change
Health Information Technology in the United States: Where We Stand, 2008
An Overview of Final Regulations Implementing HITECH's Meaningful Use Provisions and their Implications for Regional Collaboratives
HIT in the ‘ARRA’ of Gobs of Money
Electronic Personal Health Information Exchange: Health Care Entities
Consumer Consent Options for Electronic Health Information Exchange: Policy Considerations and Analysis
Meaningful Use for Eligible Professionals: The Top Ten Challenges
HIT News Brief: Crosswalk of Quality Measures between AF4Q 3.0 Conditions/Procedures and the Meaningful Use of Health Information Technology
Releasing Medicare Claims Data to Support Quality Improvement Initiatives: Legal Barriers and Opportunities
Health Reform: Not Your Mother
The Antitrust Aspects of Health Information Sharing by Public and Private Health Insurers
ARRA 2009: Opportunities for AF4Q Alliances to Partner with Medicaid Agencies
Legal Notes: The Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Act Regulations: Implications for Health Information Access and Exchange
The Antitrust Aspects of Health Information Sharing by Public and Private Health Insurers
Aligning Forces to Reduce Racial and Ethnic Disparities: Findings from an Assessment of AF4Q Hospital, Provider and Health Plan R/E/L Data Collection Practices
How to Display Comparative Information That People Can Understand and Use
Patient Engagement on the Hoof
How to get consumer feedback and input into websites - tools and samples
How to get consumer feedback and input into websites
Improving Health Care Quality: Why You Should Get Involved and How You Can Make A Difference
Defining Consumer Representation (fact sheet)
Consumer Decision Points of Health Care Information
Advancing Primary Care: Assessing High-Volume, High-Value Practices