Freedman HealthCare, LLC

Freedman HealthCare (FHC) is a mission-driven consulting firm that helps its clients put health data to work to solve complex problems that will transform the delivery of health care. The FHC team brings its performance measurement expertise to health care payers and providers, identifying quality and cost indicators that allow clients to assess themselves against internal and external benchmarks. Quality and cost analyses have become particularly critical as practices confront the realities of payment reform and care delivery incentives.
FHC has deep experience with developing all-payer claims databases (APCDs) and remains the leader in offering customized support to teams launching consolidated data warehouses and quality reporting projects. For example, FHC worked with Aligning Forces for Quality Alliances to build APCDs that have resulted in enhanced data collection, meaningful analytics, and substantive reporting initiatives that ultimately will lead to better health care and health outcomes.


John Freedman
Linda Green