Community Wealth Partners

Since 1997, Community Wealth Partners has helped hundreds of diverse, inspiring change agents make lasting progress in their organizations and communities. As a Share Our Strength organization, Community Wealth Partners brings the successful practices of one of the nation’s leading anti-hunger anti-poverty organizations to promote new ways of thinking and accelerate the pace of change.
In an effort to sustain the long-term positive impact on the health and communities that Aligning Forces for Quality Alliances serve, the AF4Q National Program Office partnered with Community Wealth Partners to understand and address the sustainability needs across Alliances.
Community Wealth Partners provided technical assistance to support the Alliances in understanding and addressing their sustainability needs in order to sustain the long-term positive impacts on the health of the communities the Alliances serve. Community Wealth Partners conducted a comprehensive sustainability assessment of the Alliances to develop diagnostic guidance, customized recommendations, and benchmarking, following by individual technical assistance with each community. Community Wealth Partners equipped Alliances with the skills and knowledge necessary to identify and address their core sustainability issues, and arm Alliances with the ability to demonstrate, produce, and articulate tangible value to stakeholders.


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Renee Baiorunos
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