The Network for Regional Healthcare Improvement

The Network for Regional Healthcare Improvement (NRHI) is a national membership organization that represents and supports over thirty member groups in diverse regions nationwide. Together, NRHI and its members work to achieve the Triple Aim: better patient experience, better population health, and better per-capita healthcare costs. NRHI follows a multi-stakeholder model, bringing together physicians and other care providers, provider organizations, commercial and government payers, employers, consumers, and related organizations to achieve comprehensive healthcare gains. 
One key area of collaboration between AF4Q and NRHI centered on payment reform. NRHI worked with a number of Alliances to plan initiatives, bring stakeholders together, and communicate with their communities. Additionally, NRHI's Total Cost of Care pilot helped some Alliances to develop and support meaningful public reporting initiatives. 
With a goal of catalyzing healthcare improvement through collaborative learning, networking, and support, NRHI launched the Collaborative Health Network in late 2014. The multifaceted venture encompasses both “on-the-ground” resources as well as an online platform, and marries a wealth of existing knowledge with emergent tools and resources. It offers a new home to continue and extend the kind of work undertaken by AF4Q and its partners. To learn more and join the project, visit or follow #healthdoers on Twitter.


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