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November 2013 National Meeting Agenda
November 2013 Meeting Logstics
Beyond Widgets: The Pursuit of Payment Reform
Slidedeck for CELC June Meeting
Join CELC Flyer
Patient Experience of Care: Inventory of Improvement Resources
Bundled Payment: The Quest for Simplicity in Pricing and Tying Payment to Quality
National Meeting Engagement Tool
June 2013 CELC Agenda
Creating an Enduringly Great Organization
May 2013 National Meeting Newspaper-Friday
May 2013 National Meeting Newspaper-Thursday
May 2013 National Meeting- Handout Book
Presenter Phil Kalin's Slides
Presenter Bonnie Paris' Slides
Presenter Anupam Goel's Slides
Presenter Annette Dubard's Slides
Finding Value In Data- Slides
Presenter Denise Cavanaugh's Slides
Partnering For Organizational Development- Slides
Presenter Lynn Fick-Cooper's Slides
Getting To "Yes"- Slides
Presenter Polly Seitz's Slides
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Characteristics of Sustainable Efforts - Slides
Presenter Mylia Christensen's Slides
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State of Partnering With The States- Slides
May 2013 National Meeting Slides
Wisconsin: One Size Doesn’t Fit All
Western New York: Community Conversations Help Residents Take Charge Of Their Health
West Michigan: The Empowered Patient
South Central, PA: Closing The Loop On Care Transitions
Puget Sound: Starting A Conversation About Value
Oregon: Better Patient Care Through Primary Care Transformation
Minnesota: The Value Of A Good Night’s Sleep
Memphis, TN: Turning On Light Bulbs- Project Better Care Works to Improve Primary Care In Memphis
Maine: Building A New Health Care System Around Community
Kansas City, MO: On The Front Lines Of Asthma Treatment
Humboldt County,CA: A Patient-Centered Plan to Help Super-Utilizers
Greater Boston: A Community Embracing the Consumer Voice to Improve Care
Detroit, MI: Getting Back to the Basics to Prevent Heart Disease
Cleveland: Using Data to Improve Blood Pressure Control in African American Patients in Northeast Ohio
Cincinnati: Engaging Employers and Educating Employees for a Stronger Community
May 2013 National Meeting-Bright Spots
Albuquerque: Paving the Way to Payment Reform in New Mexico
Tactics for Engaging Employers in Community Alliances
National Meeting Engagement Tool (Consumers)
Improving Health Care Quality and Equity: Considerations for Building Partnerships Between Provider Practices and Community Organizations
National Meeting Session Handout- Health Insurance Exchanges: What to Expect When You're Expecting
National Meeting Session Handout- "Secret Sauce" of Alliance Building
National Meeting Session Handout- Strong Foundations
National Meeting Session Handout- Partnering With Grantmakers
National Meeting Session Handout- Getting to Yes
May 2013 National Meeting-HW Handouts
AF4Q 101—May 2013 National Meeting
National Meeting Session Handout- State of Partnering With States
Program Book - May 2013 National Meeting
Panelists and Biographies-May 2013 National Meeting
Sustaining Meaningful Consumer Engagement
CELC Post-Meeting Notes, March 2013 - CELC Affinity Group Meeting
Shared Decision-Making and Benefit Design: Engaging Employees and Reducing Costs for Preference-Sensitive Conditions
Ingredients for Organizational Sustainability - Sustainability Workshop March 2013
Identifying the Return on Investment - Sustainability Workshop March 2013
CELC Call Presentation (including slides from AIR Consumer Engagement model) - CELC Affinity Group Meeting
May 2013 Consumer Pre-Meeting Agenda - CELC Affinity Group Meeting
CELC Affinity Group Meeting Agenda
CE Model Comparison - CELC Affinity Group Meeting
Engaging Patients in Improving Ambulatory Care Toolkit - Compendium and Table of Contents
IHI Summit 2013 Patient Engagement Presentation
PCPAG Presentation at IHI International Summit April 2013 - Patient Engagement
Workshop on Sustainability March 2013 - Agenda
Care Across Settings: Challenges, Successes, and Opportunities
PE Toolkit: Introduction
QI Leadership Training Resources March 2013
IHI Storyboard 2012
2013 May National Meeting Agenda
MMC PHO Practice Improvement Support Service Agreement
PE Toolkit: Other Resources
PE Toolkit: Engage Patients
PE Toolkit: Infrastructure
PE Toolkit: Fostering Partnership
PE Toolkit: Orientation and Training
PE Toolkit: Recruiting Patients
PE Toolkit: Ways to Involve Patients
Better Care, Better Health, Lower Cost
Collaborating with Medicaid to Improve Health Care Two Multi-Payer Alliances
Consumer Beliefs and Use of Information about Health Care Cost, Resource Use, and Value Findings from Consumer Focus Groups
Physicians' Views of Comparative Information on Costs and Resource Use Findings and Implications for Report Developers
Hear from RWJF on Employers' Critical Role
Collaborating with Employers to Improve Care
How Employers Can Improve Value and Quality in Health Care
Best Practices in Sustaining Meaningful Consumer Engagement: Webinar Presentation
Predicting Outcomes of Organizational Change
CELC Call Notes- November 29
AF4Q Webinar - Aligning National, State and Regional Measurement Initiatives Agenda