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Leveraging Existing Surveying Efforts: A Decision Guide
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How Alliances Can Partner with Employers in the Current Healthcare Landscape
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Key Considerations for Addressing Health Disparities
Advancing Primary Care: Opportunities to Support Care Delivery Redesign in Practices Serving Medicaid and Racially and Ethnically Diverse Patients
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Value of Personal Health Records and Web Portals
Your Voice Matters: Patient Experience with Primary Care Providers in the Puget Sound Region - 2012 Community Checkup Overview
EELC Learning Session #4 Health Reform: Opportunities for Strategic Engagement with Employers
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e-Alert Volume 1: October 12, 2011 - Letter announcing creation of e-Alerts highlighting accomplishments of specific Alliances
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Humboldt County, CA: Patient Engagement Roles and Recommendations
Challenges of Capacity Building in Multisector Community Health Alliances
Finding Answers: Disparities Research for Change - Toolkit
ONC's "Health IT Dashboard"
Health Information Technology in the United States, Driving Toward Delivery System Change, 2012
Journal of Health Communication Special Issue on mHealth
Physicians In Nonprimary Care and Small Practices and Those Age 55 and Older Lag in Adopting Electronic Health Record Systems
Inpatient Blood Glucose Control Before and After Implementation of an Insulin Order Set to the Electronic Medical Record
Electronic medical records outperform paper in primary care “Practice Challenge”
EELC Learning Session 5: Agenda
Employer Engagement Communications Toolkit
Health Care Landscape Now & beyond - What's in it for Employers
Improving Employee Health & Productivity Setting Workforce Health in Motion
June 2012 CELC Agenda
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Engaging Consumers in the Display of Quality Information
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12 Ways to Improve Your Health Care Quality Public Reporting Website for Consumers
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Alliances and Employer Engagement: Examples and Themes - List, April 2012
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Strategic Planning and Organizational Development 101
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Understanding Your Audience Summary
EELC Kick-off Meeting - Presentation
Alliances and Employers: Achieving High-Value Health Care
Alliances and Employers: Achieving High-Value Health Care - EELC Agenda
Marketing Your Alliance to Employers - EELC Meeting Agenda
Learning Session #2: Marketing Your Alliance to Employers - Notes, EELC Learning Session December 20, 2011
Care Management in the Digital Age: Models for the Future
Executive Review of AF4Q Alliance Projects
AF4Q 2012 May National Meeting TCAB Slidedeck
Displays of Trend Data: Findings from the Field
Present Missing Data Clearly: Engaging Consumers in Quality Information
Three Reasons for Missing Data: Engaging Consumers in Quality Information
Lessons Learned from Consumer Testing of Aligning Forces for Quality Websites
Leverage Community Partnerships
Illustrating Innovation Through Bright Spots
Memphis: Lighting the Way to Payment Reform
Mapping Payment Reform Strategies - Bright Spot
Western New York: Community Partnership Smashes Silos
Minnesota: Transforming Care At the Bedside
Cincinnati: Program Spurs Improvements in Care Transitions
Western New York: The Power of a PEA