Every day, AF4Q communities are finding new ways of approaching old problems in our health care system.

There is no one road we must take to reach our goal of improving health care quality. How much simpler it would be if one community could blaze a successful trail, and then everyone could follow. We would like nothing more than to offer up the answers to the hard problems we face.

But of course, each community is different—in the illnesses that plague it, in the socioeconomic grid that affects it, and in the people who define it. There can be no formula for improvement, no one template for reform.

This is why we need creative laboratories like the 16 that compose AF4Q.

The bright spots featured in this magazine illustrate the type of ground- level innovation and experimentation going on every day, in ways big and small.

They don’t begin to cover all we have learned, but they begin to light the way.

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