Capacity Building

Supporting the growth of key staff and developing internal bench strength can be a challenge amid day-to-day priorities. Capacity building comes in many forms, from enhancing communication skills to intensive analytics training. The specific needs vary across organizations, but this collection of resources provides information you can apply broadly.

Resources (in alphabetical order)

Creating an Enduringly Great Organization (slidedeck)

Data Visualization: Addressing Data Overload with the Power of "Wow" (presentation summary)

How to Master the Art of Effective Convening (presentation summary)

Influence Through Social Media (presentation summary)

Looking Ahead: Translating Big Data into Better Healthcare (presentation summary)

People Planning: Planning for, and Keeping, the Talent You Need to Meet Your Goals (presentation summary)

Strategic Planning and Organizational Development 101 (presentation)

Strategic Planning and Organizational Development 201 (presentation)