Strategic Planning

Developing a systematic process to establish goals and a clear path to achieve these goals provides an invaluable opportunity to look beyond day-to-day tasks, think critically about organization strengths and weaknesses, and examine developments in the market to support efforts towards sustainability. This collection of resources will support your strategic planning process.

Resources (in alphabetical order)

Achieving Sustainability (slidedeck)

Building Strong Foundations for the Future (presentation summary)

Creating a Movement (presentation summary)

Ingredients for Organizational Sustainability (resource)

Scaling Up without Screwing Up (presentation summary)

Strategic Planning and Organizational Development 101 (slidedeck)

Strategic Planning and Organizational Development 201 (slidedeck)

Taking it to Scale: If? When? How? (presentation summary)

The Future of Collaboration: The Power of Collective Impact (presentation summary)

The Unique Role of Regional Collaboratives in the Evolution from Health Care to Population Health (presentation summary)