What frameworks can I use to engage and activate consumers?

AF4Q Alliances have several examples

As you set to work on engaging and activating consumers to help improve health care quality, it is helpful to use a good framework into which you can put your particular circumstances and goals to produce an overall strategy. 
Sample Consumer Engagement Framework (American Institutes for Research) 
While similar to the one above, Maine’s consumer engagement framework features different column headings: Patient/consumer role; Options for involvement (see below); Supports needed by the consumer; and Key characteristics/skills of the consumer.
The CE Model Comparison is a useful compilation of frameworks that highlights various approaches to CE by a handful of organizations.
To implement your CE strategy, you’ll need to: put policies, programs, and funding into place; identify opportunities, impediments, and strategies; and develop and evaluate interventions. 
Sample Options for Consumer Involvement 
Direct care level of engagement 
Chronic disease self-management program (Humboldt, CA example)
Shared decision-making
Organizational design and governance level
Discharge planning (Cincinnati example)
Quality improvement teams
Informed consent policies and protocols
Policy-making level (highest level of consumer engagement)
Developing patient-centered quality measures
Submitting input on Health Insurance Exchange processes
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