How do we help employers maintain their interest and energy in our partnership?

Be active and inclusive.

You’ve found an employer with whom to partner. Now you want to create a mutually beneficial relationship. Always offer something of value before asking for something of value (including time, attention, and money). 
1. Offer a Seat at the Table. Garner buy-in and commitment by involving employers in an advisory capacity. You can create employer-only committees or include employers in the Alliance’s multi-stakeholder boards.
2. Be a Resource. Offer a valued service or information product. Services could include educational series like brown bag seminars or webinars. Products may include useful local health data, including customized reports. 
3. Support Employee Engagement Efforts. Support employers’ interests in educating employees and their families about quality and cost by providing messaging, customizable materials, and easy access to comparative information. Cincinnati Aligning Forces for Quality provides materials to employer benefits managers to encourage patient engagement, makes presentations at employer health fairs, and hosts workplace lunch-and-learn events.
4. Manage the Relationship. To build a strong Alliance, talk openly and often about roles and expectations.
What is the secret sauce (of Alliance building)? It’s the patience to manage the goals, roles, and norms.
Denise Cavanaugh, Cavanaugh, Hagan, Pierson & Mintz, Inc.
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