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Consumer Engagement Leadership Consortium ... (Consumer Engagement, Sustainability) ... Wisely - about which Maine AF4Q consumer representative Kathy Day presented on the call - such as the ...

Aug 22,2013


Slidedeck for CELC June Meeting

Consumer Engagement Leadership Consortium ... (Consumer Engagement) ...

Jun 27,2013

Resource Type: Presentation

12 Ways to Improve Your Health Care Quality Public Reporting Website for Consumers

three sections of websites that are particularly important to successfully engaging and supporting consumers in their health care decision making: • Home page • Comparative reports of quality • ... for consumers, and how to address the challenge along with some examples. The examples come from the ...

Jun 07,2012

Resource Type: Lessons Learned

CELC Meeting Presentation 6/15/14

Consumers also engaged in a discussion around opportunities to stay connected.    ... 10 (Consumer Engagement) ... recaps of the National Meeting’s activities, including an overview of the Consumer Pre-meeting topic (Key ...

Jun 10,2014

Resource Type: Presentation

Effective Advocacy

(Consumer Engagement) ... Consumers have an important role in any discussion about health care reform.  Effective advocacy is key if ... in consumer advocacy efforts as presented by the National Partnership for Women and Families at the ...

Nov 18,2011

Resource Type: Presentation

CELC Meeting Notes: 12/5/13

The Consumer Engagement Leadership Consortium (CELC) met Thursday, December 5, with approximately 14 consumers participating. The call was focused on sharing information gleaned from those who ... (Consumer Engagement) ...

Dec 11,2013


Content, Design and Marketing: Fundamentals of an Effective Web Site

(Consumer Engagement) ...

Aug 01,2011

Resource Type: Presentation

Employer Health Care Survey - Customizable Survey, February 2012

(Consumer Engagement) ...

Jun 06,2012

Resource Type: Tool/Utility

Western New York: Community Conversations Help Residents Take Charge Of Their Health

(Consumer Engagement, Patient-Centered Care) ...

May 06,2013

Resource Type: Bright Spot

10 Things You Need to Know About the Quality of Health Care in America (English)

Sep (Consumer Engagement) ...

Sep 01,2011

Resource Type: Tool/Utility

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