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Blueprint for Quality and Patient Safety, Bright Spot

(brennan upenn, brennan upenn) (Care Across Settings, Reducing Readmissions) ...

Nov 22,2011

Resource Type: Bright Spot

AF4Q in Focus

9 (Ambulatory Care, Care Across Settings, Consumer Engagement, Cost ... Every day, AF4Q communities are finding new ways of approaching old problems in our health care system. There is no one road we must take to reach our goal of improving health care quality. How much simpler ...

Nov 14,2012

Resource Type: Bright Spot

Illustrating Innovation Through Bright Spots

(Ambulatory Care, Care Across Settings, Consumer Engagement, Cost & Efficiency, Hospital Care, Measurement ... success in improving health care quality. We would welcome a clear solution to a challenge like ensuring equity in care. How much simpler it would be if one community could try on solutions until one fit, and ...

May 21,2012

Resource Type: Bright Spot

Legal Notes - Medicare Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program, October 2011

2011 (Care Across Settings, Hospital Care, Health Care Legal Issues) ... Primer/Brief The Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program (HRRP) in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act ...

Oct 31,2011

Resource Type: Primer/Brief

A Community’s Approach to Reducing Readmissions

(here) (Ambulatory Care, Care Across Settings, Consumer Engagement, Hospital Care, Measurement & ... many are considered unnecessary or avoidable, and serve as indicators of poor care, poor coordination of care and/or inefficient use of health care resources. That’s why hospitals, ambulatory care ...

Oct 04,2011

Resource Type: Lessons Learned

Alternative Quality Contract, Bright Spot

(dana safran bcbs mass, dana safran bcbs mass) (Care Across Settings, Payment Reform, Pay for ...

Nov 15,2011

Resource Type: Bright Spot

Navigating the New HIPPA Rule Webinar

Sep (Care Across Settings, Cost & Efficiency) ...

Sep 25,2013

Resource Type: Presentation

The Promise of Regional Data Aggregation

their own right, and together have had a huge impact on the quality of care delivered across the United States. AF4Q Alliances have created regional data sets, collecting clinical and claims data from multiple ... aggregating those data to measure health care quality and outcomes. The collective experience of the 16 ...

May 18,2015


Good for Health, Good for Business: The Case for Measuring Patient Experience of Care

patients' experience in the ambulatory care setting, as well as identifies implementation examples and available tools for leveraging patient experience data to improve the quality of care. Accompanying each section is a set of concise messages to assist in making the case to stakeholders for measuring and ...

Aug 01,2011

Resource Type: Primer/Brief

Bundled Payment: The Quest for Simplicity in Pricing and Tying Payment to Quality

simple, implementing a different way to pay for care across health systems and communities is a complex ... Local initiatives are showing how new methods for paying for health care can improve quality and control costs. One strategy, called bundled payment, assigns a fixed payment to cover a set of services, such as ...

Jun 11,2013

Resource Type: Primer/Brief

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