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Developing a Public Report for the CAHPS Clinician & Group Survey: A Decision Guide

Public reports on patient experience with physician practices across a community can be invaluable for demonstrating how well these practices are providing patient-centered care, highlighting strong performers, and ... individual health care needs or health status. Over the past several years, the Consumer Assessment of ...

Oct 02,2013

Resource Type: Primer/Brief

Preparing Patient, Resident, and Family Advisors to Work on Quality Improvement and Patient Safety Team

The Institute for Patient- and Family-Centered Care prepared this document as a ... experiences that the advisors will need; setting the timeframe for their participation; understanding whether ... Aug (Consumer Engagement, Patient-Centered Care, Practice-based Coaching) ...

Aug 14,2013


Leverage Community Partnerships

fundamental objectives that lead to better care. All stakeholders, including consumers, health plans, ... meet the needs of the AF4Q communities. A diverse set of committed partners, including robust consumer representation, is important to AF4Q’s long-term sustainability. This document outlines a set of best ...

May 21,2012

Resource Type: Article/Commentary/Opinion

Practice Coaching Program Manual

Ambulatory care practice: Administrative staff (e.g. Manager, HIMS) Ambulatory care practice: ... from across the county, IHI faculty, and the MacColl Institute. We gratefully acknowledge their ...

Sep 17,2011


AF4Q Race, Ethnicity, and Language (R/E/L) Training

in identifying and reducing disparities in health care Outline key decision points that ... of how to train staff to collect standardized R/E/L information Across the U.S., racial and ethnic minorities often receive lower-quality health care than white patients, regardless of ...

Oct 14,2011

Resource Type: Presentation

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