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Predicting Outcomes of Organizational Change

(Ambulatory Care, Practice-based Coaching) ...

Dec 18,2012


Better Care, Better Health, Lower Cost

Cuyahoga County, Ohio had fewer hospitalizations for ambulatory care sensitive conditions between 2009 and ... nearly 3,000 fewer ambulatory care sensitive hospitalizations between 2009 and 2011 (a cost savings of ... Jan (Ambulatory Care, Cost & Efficiency, Hospital Care, Measurement ...

Jan 30,2013

Resource Type: Report

Patient Experience of Care: Inventory of Improvement Resources

ambulatory care settings and hospitals. This inventory was developed by the Shaller Consulting Group, which ... are available to support health care organizations in determining what they need to do to improve ... Jul (Measurement & Reporting, Patient-Centered Care) ...

Jun 13,2013

Resource Type: Tool/Utility

Advancing Primary Care: Opportunities to Support Care Delivery Redesign in Practices Serving Medicaid and Racially and Ethnically Diverse Patients

16 (Ambulatory Care, Equity) ... Primary care is at a crossroads. Practices are transforming from procedure-based, physician-centric care delivery to more advanced primary care models that put patients and their families at the center. These ...

Aug 16,2012

Resource Type: Lessons Learned

Good for Health, Good for Business: The Case for Measuring Patient Experience of Care

patients' experience in the ambulatory care setting, as well as identifies implementation examples and available tools for leveraging patient experience data to improve the quality of care. Accompanying each ...

Aug 01,2011

Resource Type: Primer/Brief

Practice Coaching Program Manual

Ambulatory care practice: Administrative staff (e.g. Manager, HIMS) Ambulatory care practice: ... (Ambulatory Care, Practice-based Coaching) ...

Sep 17,2011


Practice Improvement Capacity Rating Scale

Jan (Ambulatory Care, Practice-based Coaching) ... readiness of ambulatory practices to conduct quality improvement (QI) activities and how best to structure ...

Jan 29,2014

Resource Type: Tool/Utility

Consumer Beliefs and Use of Information about Health Care Cost, Resource Use, and Value Findings from Consumer Focus Groups

Oct (Ambulatory Care, Consumer Engagement, Cost & Efficiency, ... Increased investments in transparency—particularly of health care cost and resource use information—are meant to address the challenges of rising costs and inefficient care. However, the ability of these ...

Jan 30,2013

Resource Type: Lessons Learned

Partnering With Patients and Families to Design a Patient and Family-Centered Health Care System: Recommendations and Promising Practices

ambulatory programs, medical and nursing schools, funders of health care, patient- and family-led organizations, and other health care entities. Authors are Bev Johnson, Marie Abraham, Jim Conway, Laurel ... from a unique meeting convened by the Institute for Family-Centered Care in collaboration with the ...

Aug 01,2011


Michael Parchman Article

(Ambulatory Care, Practice-based Coaching) ... An article entitled "A group randomized trial of a complexity-based organizational intervention to improve risk factors for diabetes complications in primary care settings: study ...

Aug 09,2012


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