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AF4Q in Focus

9 (Ambulatory Care, Care Across Settings, Consumer Engagement, Cost ... Every day, AF4Q communities are finding new ways of approaching old problems in our health care system. There is no one road we must take to reach our goal of improving health care quality. How much simpler ...

Nov 14,2012

Resource Type: Bright Spot

Care Across Settings: Challenges, Successes, and Opportunities

similar ambulatory setting, in the home, and in nursing homes. And, just as importantly, care should be of ... In the decade since the Institute of Medicine identified quality deficiencies in the U.S. health care ... health care. Many of the initiatives that have improved care have done so by focusing on points at which ...

Mar 14,2013

Resource Type: Primer/Brief

A Community’s Approach to Reducing Readmissions

many are considered unnecessary or avoidable, and serve as indicators of poor care, poor coordination of care and/or inefficient use of health care resources. That’s why hospitals, ambulatory care ... (here) (Ambulatory Care, Care Across Settings, Consumer Engagement, Hospital Care, Measurement & ...

Oct 04,2011

Resource Type: Lessons Learned

Tools for Engaging Patients in Quality Improvement

Mar (Ambulatory Care, Consumer Engagement) ... providers, practice staff, representatives of regional health improvement collaboratives, and/or health care consumer advocates-- anyone interested in learning how patients and providers can partner to improve care ...

Apr 02,2015

Resource Type: Presentation

Enhancing the Impact of Patient and Family Advisors in Quality Improvement- A Powerful Trifecta: Onboarding Patient Partners, Facilitation Skills Development and Program Evaluation Presentation

(Ambulatory Care, Consumer Engagement) ...

Feb 21,2014

Resource Type: Presentation

Illustrating Innovation Through Bright Spots

(Ambulatory Care, Care Across Settings, Consumer Engagement, Cost & Efficiency, Hospital Care, Measurement ... success in improving health care quality. We would welcome a clear solution to a challenge like ensuring equity in care. How much simpler it would be if one community could try on solutions until one fit, and ...

May 21,2012

Resource Type: Bright Spot

Developing a Public Report for the CAHPS Clinician & Group Survey: A Decision Guide

for assessing patients’ experiences with ambulatory care. As the Aligning Forces for Quality ... (Ambulatory Care, Measurement & Reporting, Patient-Centered Care) ... demonstrating how well these practices are providing patient-centered care, highlighting strong performers, and ...

Oct 02,2013

Resource Type: Primer/Brief

Western New York: Community Partnership Smashes Silos

(here) (Ambulatory Care) ... In the current health care delivery system, care often seems fragmented, as though various providers and patients are all working in separate silos, with limited communication. The care any one provider delivers ...

May 21,2012

Resource Type: Bright Spot

Improving Patient Experience in the Inpatient Setting A Case Study of Three Hospitals

2012 (Ambulatory Care, Hospital Care, Patient-Centered Care) ...

Apr 11,2012

Resource Type: Case Study

Maine: Leveraging Existing Infrastructure for Statewide Practice Improvement

(here) (Ambulatory Care) ... In 2006, Medical Care Development (MCD) successfully obtained grant funding over two years to ... Care Association, and multiple physician practices throughout the state, to form the Maine Practice Improvement ...

May 21,2012

Resource Type: Bright Spot

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