How do I get consumer feedback on my website?

There are several steps to take.

AF4Q communities rely on patient feedback on their care experiences to improve the quality of health care.  Likewise, consumer feedback on your website (a form of “usability testing”) is critical for ensuring that the site provides an optimal user experience and serves its purpose well. 
1. Develop a plan. What are your goals for collecting feedback? When will you collect feedback? Which parts of the site will consumers test?
2. Select a feedback method based on your needs and resources. Will you conduct one-on-one interviews, focus groups, something else?
3. Gather feedback. Determine and recruit your target testers. Determine testing location, staff, materials, etc. Train your staff to implement the test and document the feedback via written notes, audio recording, video, or other methods.
4. Use your findings. Report on test findings and list recommended changes to the website. Decide which recommendations to implement. Check to make sure the changes work.
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