How can I measure the effectiveness of consumer engagement efforts in my organization?

AF4Q's survey is one method.

You know that consumer engagement is critical to helping shape the direction, projects, and deliverables of AF4Q. You also know that data speak volumes.
So how can you measure the effectiveness of consumer engagement efforts in your community? 
The AF4Q Consumer Engagement Survey can help you assess the extent to which your organization engages and supports consumers and learn how to do so more effectively. 
Survey questions address the following aspects of consumer engagement:
- Orientation. For example, “How clearly have the objectives of the Alliance workgroups and committees been explained to you?”
- Meaningful Engagement. “Do you feel you are on equal footing with the other stakeholders in the Alliance when it comes to shaping deliverables or making decisions? Please explain.”
- Individual Support and Resources. “Which of the following skills and content trainings are you interested in to help maximize your effectiveness at the Alliance table?”
Go forth and measure!
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