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Humboldt Alliance Launches New Website to Help Patients

Measurement & Reporting ... (Ambulatory Care, Measurement & Reporting) ... Thu, 2014-09-18 The Humboldt Alliance’s work to improve public reporting ...

Sep 18,2014

September 2014 | Forming Innovative Partnerships

href="">AF4Q Oregon&amp;#39;s Public Reports Now Include Medicare Data</a></li> <li> ... leading to data on quality, cost, and patient experience being publicly reported, patients playing a ... priority.</div> <div> &amp;nbsp;</div> <div> Since 2010, The Wisconsin Collaborative for ...

Sep 09,2014

AF4Q Oregon's Public Reports Now Include Medicare Data

Measurement & Reporting ... provider performance.   (Measurement & Reporting) ... leader of the AF4Q Oregon initiative, recently released the nation's first public reports on the ...

Sep 05,2014

How 10 High-Achievers Do It in Minnesota

Measurement & Reporting ... percent.   Read the entire article here . (Ambulatory Care, Measurement & ... providers. Reporting measurement results to MNCM is driving this quality improvement.   For ...

Aug 22,2014

Diabetes Management Improves Dramatically in Cincinnati

Measurement & Reporting ... . (Measurement & Reporting) ... percent in the previous reporting period. The six percentage-point change means 3,600 more Greater ...

Aug 14,2014

Crafting a Measuring Stick For Health Care Costs

Cost & Efficiency Measurement & Reporting ... Read more .   (Cost & Efficiency, Measurement & Reporting) ...

Aug 14,2014

August 2014 | Quality Improvement

Measurement & Reporting <div> ... Cost & Efficiency <div> ... Administration, quality improvement (QI) consists of systematic and continuous actions that lead to measurable ...

Aug 12,2014

Spotlight on West Michigan

Cost & Efficiency <div> It is well known that &amp;ldquo;super-utilizers&;rdquo; account for only five percent of patients ... high-quality, care.</div> <div> &amp;nbsp;</div> <div> With the support of West ...

Aug 11,2014

(Measurement & Reporting) ...

Aug 06,2014

Spotlight on Memphis

&amp;nbsp;&;nbsp;<br /> CTHA&amp;rsquo;s findings in its Health Equity report show disparities in care between ... organizations in cultural competency&amp;nbsp; discussions which enhance opportunities for improvement, and ... hospital decided to meet every other month to discuss what&amp;rsquo;s working and what&amp;rsquo;s not. ...

Aug 05,2014

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