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What are best practices for using visual elements on public reporting websites?

from Consumer Website Testing (Measurement & Reporting, Community ...   We asked consumers to test eight Alliances’ public reporting websites . Here is what we ...

Oct 02,2013

How do I get consumer feedback on my website?

Getting Consumer Web Feedback (Measurement & Reporting, Community ... video, or other methods.   4. Use your findings . Report on test findings and list ...

Oct 02,2013

How do we help employers maintain their interest and energy in our partnership?

to manage the goals, roles, and norms. Denise Cavanaugh, Cavanaugh, Hagan, Pierson & ... local health data, including customized reports.    3. Support Employee Engagement Efforts ...

Oct 02,2013

How do I explain missing data to consumers?

Present Missing Data Clearly (Measurement & Reporting, Community ... report missing data.   Consumers tend to ignore health professionals for whom no data are available, presuming they are hiding something negative. Reporting missing data tells consumers who is ...

Oct 02,2013

What are best practices for displaying comparative reports on public reporting websites?

Website Testing (Measurement & Reporting, Community Organization - ... decisions. We asked consumers to test the public reporting websites of eight Alliances . Here is what we learned about the best ways to display comparative reports.    Use a consistent framework . ...

Oct 02,2013

How do I get patients involved in improving care at my medical practice/group?

my perspectives and it will help others. Margie Turner, Patient, Patient & Family ... resources on getting patients involved covers everything from recruitment to measuring success.   ...

Oct 02,2013

How do you explain the idea of “high-quality health care"?

Lessons from Consumer Website Testing (Measurement & Reporting ... information about health care quality to orient them to—and engage them in—reports in the “Compare” section.  ...

Oct 02,2013

Reaching Consumers About Managing Diabetes

Measurement & Reporting ... (Consumer Engagement, Measurement & Reporting) ... visits to the Alliance’s public reporting site, which also includes Spanish and English versions of ...

Aug 24,2011

Engaging Consumers through the GetBetterMaine Campaign

consumer engagement efforts on informing people that quality measures are publicly available and can be ... available through the consumer-friendly and popular public reporting website, . ... research, have reported having with the health care system (e.g. fragmented care, high costs, need to get ...

Sep 02,2011

Partnering With Patients To Make Decisions About Colorectal Cancer Screening

providers in Minnesota publicly report rates of colorectal cancer screening as a quality measure, some may ... the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. But in Minnesota, MN Community Measurement has found ... felt they could make an informed decision. The White Bear Lake clinic staff reported that shared ...

Dec 19,2012

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