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How can my organization make our health care quality website more consumer friendly?

from Consumer Testing (Measurement & Reporting, Community ...

Oct 02,2013

Why do consumers need to know how much things cost?

Consumer Beliefs and Use of Information (Cost & Efficiency, Community ...   With the growth of high-deductible health plans and other cost-sharing measures, many ... AF4Q communities are just beginning to report cost data and are experiencing difficulty with defining ...

Oct 02,2013

What do consumers believe about health care costs?

Beliefs and Use of Health Care Cost Information (Cost & Efficiency, ... Unfortunately, consumers from focus groups report that cost information is difficult to obtain and understand ... how much do I have to pay?”   Public reports can help consumers play a more active role in ...

Oct 02,2013

What are the elements of a successful homepage on public reporting websites?

Lessons from Consumer Website Testing (Measurement & Reporting ... help them do that?   We asked consumers to test eight Alliances’ public reporting ... See Cincinnati .  • Make information on quality reports accessible from the home page. ...

Oct 02,2013

How do I get patients involved in my efforts?

give my perspectives and it will help others. Margie Turner, Patient, Patient & Family ... getting patients involved covers everything from recruitment to measuring success.   ...

Oct 02,2013

What are best practices for using visual elements on public reporting websites?

from Consumer Website Testing (Measurement & Reporting, Community ...   We asked consumers to test eight Alliances’ public reporting websites . Here is what we ...

Oct 02,2013

How do I get consumer feedback on my website?

Getting Consumer Web Feedback (Measurement & Reporting, Community ... video, or other methods.   4. Use your findings . Report on test findings and list ...

Oct 02,2013

How do we help employers maintain their interest and energy in our partnership?

to manage the goals, roles, and norms. Denise Cavanaugh, Cavanaugh, Hagan, Pierson & ... local health data, including customized reports.    3. Support Employee Engagement Efforts ...

Oct 02,2013

How do I explain missing data to consumers?

Present Missing Data Clearly (Measurement & Reporting, Community ... report missing data.   Consumers tend to ignore health professionals for whom no data are available, presuming they are hiding something negative. Reporting missing data tells consumers who is ...

Oct 02,2013

Do consumers find certain performance measures—such as readmissions and avoidable complications data—useful?

Consumer Beliefs and Use of Information (Cost & Efficiency, Community ... the data context.   Readmission and complication measures are not meaningful or useful by themselves . Consumers find certain resource use measures—such as 30-day readmission and ...

Oct 02,2013

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