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National Meeting, May 2011 (Broomfield, Colorado)

The May 2011 National Meeting of Aligning Forces for Quality was titled "Inspiration, Innovation, Implementation: Translating Big Ideas into Real-World Results." Bookened with ins...

National Meeting, November 2010 (Orlando, FL)

Post Meeting Resources The National Meeting was held in Orlando, Florida.  Select the links below to access presentation slides and resources. Day 1 | Day 2 Thursday, N...

Impact Overview

  The 16 Alliances in Aligning Forces for Quality are operating on the premise that high-quality health care can be achieved by measuring and reporting the quality of care  physici...

Improving Language Services

    Communication in a language patients can understand is fundamental for receiving and providing safe, high-quality health care. Research shows that the likely result of...

Reducing Readmissions

    Readmission of patients recently discharged after hospitalization represents an expensive and all-too-common lapse in the quality of care delivered in the U.S. health ...

AF4Q 4.0 RFP

Aligning Forces for Quality: 4.0   Program Focus
Eligibility Criteria
How to Apply
Request for Proposals
Key Dates
Contact Us ...

About Us

Background 16 Communities, 37 Million People. One Goal Aligning Forces for Quality (AF4Q) is the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s signature effort to lift the overal...

National Program Office

The Center for Health Care Quality within the Department of Health Policy at The George Washington University School of Public Health and Health Services serves as the national program of...


Please find below a list of materials from the AF4Q May 2013 National Meeting. We will continually update this page as new materials become available.  Meeting Aids Program Book- Includes ...

Population Health Project

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation has granted $1 million in additional grant funding to five existing Aligning Forces for Quality (AF4Q) Alliances to connect AF4Q efforts with public health stakeh...

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