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Measuring Patients' Experience of Care
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Experts now widely accept patient-centeredness as a core component of health care quality. Using surveys that ask patients about their encounters in various health care settings can lead to sign...

Materials for AHRQ CVE Webinar - Price Transparency
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The following presentations were conducted during the October 1, 2013 "Price Transparency:Alternative Approaches to Collecting and Providing Price Information to Consumers" webinar: Price...

Materials and Info for "Partnering with Medicaid Agencies to Increase the Impact of Your CVE" Webinar
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The following presentation material is included for the "Partnering with Medicaid Agencies to Increase the Impact of Your CVE" Webinar - Wed, Oct 9, 2013: Partnering to explore super-util...

Engaging Consumers in the Display of Quality Information
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Communities across the country are initiating or ramping up efforts to publicly report health care quality data. These AF4Q reports shares important findings from our communities about how consu...

PCPWG Phase I: Tools and Resources
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The goal of the Practice Coaching Program Working Group (PCPWG) is to assist community leaders interested in establishing and implementing a practice coaching program while aligning this program...

Health Care Legal Issues
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A wide range of legal questions are considered as Aligning Forces for Quality Alliances pursue innovative ways to improve the quality of care provided in their communities. From state fair proce...

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