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Medicare Goes Local with Doctor Data

of information about local doctors, hospitals, and other health care providers. All three ... public reports on the quality of health care in their community, based on private insurance claims. The ... City Quality Improvement Consortium, and the Oregon Health Care Quality Corporation.   ...

Nov 28,2012

'Your Voice Matters' Continues to Speak Volumes

Patient-Centered Care ... experience their primary health care providers and give them tools to take ownership of their health. Its ... appointments, care, and information; communication with patients; staff demeanor; and the patient’s overall ...

Sep 06,2012

Standardizing the Collection of Race, Ethnicity and Language Data

a cornerstone of the Aligning Forces for Quality Hospital Quality Network. This webpage provides guidance and resources necessary for participating hospitals to implement this change within their ... document provides questions posed by hospitals and answers that may help as you standardize patient R/E/L ...

May 24,2012

How 10 High-Achievers Do It in Minnesota

Ambulatory Care ... and hospitals have had to submit their quality improvement numbers annually for a variety of measures ... always been easy. Along the way, clinics and hospitals have learned that QI takes time, doesn’t have to ...

Aug 22,2014

Increasing Throughput October 2011 Quality Forum

strategies Christiana Care used to improve flow and address the importance of bringing different hospital ... Michael Eppehimer, MHSA and Robert Dressler, MD, MBA of Christiana Care Health System in ... from the ED to intensive care units. The speakers will describe the strategies Christiana Care used to ...


The Building Blocks for Value

care. If you need a hip replacement, diabetes treatment, or heart surgery, and you want to know how much you will have to pay, you’re likely out of luck. Health care costs in America are such a mystery that often even doctors and most people who work in hospitals or clinics don’t know what they’re charging.
We ...

Jan 03,2013

AF4Q: Who We Are, What We Do

care system. For the past six years, AF4Q has brought together 16 geographically, demographically, and ... for health care transformation. Our ideas and initiatives have led to improvements in how health care ... information. Physicians, hospitals, patients, community advocates, employers, health plans, and policy leaders ...

Jul 31,2014

Wisconsin Continues Partnership with Consumer Reports

health care offered in your community is hard. Aligning Forces for Quality communities are blazing new ... reports. These reports help physicians and hospitals identify areas for improvement, guide consumers’ ... quality of care being delivered. Three AF4Q communities—Wisconsin, Massachusetts, and Minnesota—worked ...

Jan 17,2013

consumer compare prices on just about any good or service in America. The exception: health care. Health care costs in America are such a mystery that often even doctors and most people who work in hospitals or clinics don’t know what they’re charging. In a new commentary, Robert Graham, MD, National ...

Nov 15,2011

How can practice coaches assist practice leaders in identifying potential future reimbursement and incentives associated with QI initiatives?

Traditionally, hospitals encounter and respond to a number of incentives to undertake QI activities. Given the financing and structure of primary care, building interest and motivation to participate ... accountability in inpatient care are being tested in primary care, with a rapid increase in the number of ...

Oct 17,2013

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