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Why do consumers need to know how much things cost?

of prices, they make more informed decisions about the care they need and avoid care they don’t need.    Unnecessary care often harms patients and is a massive societal burden. Up to a third of our nation’s health care costs ($700 billion per year) is spent on care that does nothing to ...

Oct 02,2013

SCPA Launches New Consumer-Focused Public Reporting Site

patients to become more engaged in their care, and receive the right care at the right time. AF4Q – South ... high quality care is, and how to get it. The new website is personalized, so patients can enter ... look for to determine if they're getting the right care; and even determine if their doctor’s ...

Feb 10,2012

Bringing Price Transparency to Puget Sound

went into an episode of care, including tests, professional services, and length of hospital stays. The ... reduce the cost/price of health care. A new Alliance report is the first product that shows variation in aggregate professional and facility costs for 24 select high-volume hospitalizations for reasons such as ...

Oct 30,2013

The SMART Discharge —An ‘Always’ Event (Webinar)

discharge process and the methods used to implement this new system of care in a community hospital ... methods used to implement this new system of care in a community hospital.   ... ALWAYS look both ways when crossing the street. In hospitals, we are taught to NEVER operate on the wrong ...


Breakout 9 - Re-Engineering Delivery

ALIGN - A Summit on Increasing Value in Health Care ... The health care system is fragmented, and care is often compartmentalized, with providers treating ... outside factors, such as lack of transportation or access to a primary care doctor. Providing high-quality ...

Jul 07,2014

Evolve: Bringing Data to Life for Healthier Communities

Health Care Foundation released a report of surgical rates of 13 procedures for selected hospital ... Ambulatory Care ... collected data mean at the local level. However, for longtime veterans of Humboldt County’s health care ...

May 07,2014

The Evolution of Aligning Forces

the cost arena. The Alliances addressed cost and efficiency of care in a defined and measureable way ... Alliances also recognized the importance of transparency, and therefore included a set ofhealth care cost or ... their focus on reducing health care costs and spending to promote not just high-quality health care, but ...

May 14,2015

West Michigan: Doing Better for Emergency Department Frequent Fliers

2013-11-04 (All day) An innovative model for caring for frequent emergency ... Integrative Medicine is to apply the bio-psycho-social model of care to an at-risk and non-mainstream patient ... health system based in West Michigan and composed of 10 hospitals and 170 ambulatory sites. The Center ...

Oct 30,2013

Improving Language Services: November 2010 Quality Forum

strategies hospitals could undertake to improve the delivery of language services.


Expanding "Hot Spotting" to New Communities

Care Across Settings ... work improving health care in one of the poorest and most dangerous cities in the country. At ... Forces for Quality (AF4Q) communities in 2012. Using medical billing data from hospitals in Camden, ...

May 01,2012

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