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Primary Care Use Driving Down Costs, Improving Care

Cost & Efficiency ... Demonstrates What Is Possible with Medicaid Expansion (Cost & Efficiency) ... of providing better access, better care, and better outcomes, but with costs lower than those CMS ...

Jul 31,2014

Puget Sound Alliance Granted $3.4 Million to Continue Price and Cost Transparency Work

Cost & Efficiency ... & Efficiency) ... care are the most in demand and the range of typical costs.   "The entire health ...

Oct 31,2013

Why do consumers need to know how much things cost?

Consumer Beliefs and Use of Information (Cost & Efficiency, Community ...   With the growth of high-deductible health plans and other cost-sharing measures, many consumers are beginning to shoulder a greater share of their own health costs. When consumers become aware ...

Oct 02,2013

How Health Care Costs Affect Small-Town Living

Cost & Efficiency ... (Cost & Efficiency, Payment Reform) ... said their efforts have inspired a “firestorm of a discussion.”   Last week, US News & ...

Feb 11,2014

What do consumers believe about health care costs?

Beliefs and Use of Health Care Cost Information (Cost & Efficiency ... A major hurdle to decreasing health care costs is the transparency of care information for consumers. Consumers need to know how much their care will cost so they can compare treatments. ...

Oct 02,2013

When do consumers find cost and resource use information most useful for decision making?

Use of Information (Cost & Efficiency, Community Organization - ...   In the effort to encourage consumers to use cost and resource information to make ... decisions, they are best equipped to choose  value: the best possible care for the lowest possible cost .  ...

Oct 02,2013

Labor-Management Groups Drive Delivery System Redesign

Cost & Efficiency Consumer Engagement Cost & Efficiency ... Engagement, Cost & Efficiency, Hospital Care, Measurement & Reporting, Payment Reform, Communications) ...

May 23,2012

(jeff kamil anthem care management, jeff kamil anthem care management) (Cost & Efficiency ... Bright Spots - Resource Collection Cost Track - ...

Nov 14,2011

Leveraging Existing Infrastructure for Statewide Practice Improvement

Cost & Efficiency ... (Cost & Efficiency, Patient-Centered Care, Practice-based Coaching) ... members of the MPIN to share effort, cost, resources, and learning related to office practice redesign, ...

May 23,2012

The Power of a PEA

Patient-Centered Care Cost & Efficiency ... Meeting  here . (Cost & Efficiency, Patient-Centered Care, Practice-based Coaching) ...

May 23,2012

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