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Why do consumers need to know how much things cost?

Organization - Consumer Engagement) ... consumers are beginning to shoulder a greater share of their own health costs. When consumers become aware ... transparency terms.)    Another challenge lies in the fact that consumers equate “value” with low ...

Oct 02,2013

How can my organization make our health care quality website more consumer friendly?

Organization - Consumer Engagement) ...   The recommendations here will help grow consumer interest in your website and encourage ... short and sweet. • To build consumer trust in your site, introduce your organization and ...

Oct 02,2013

(Consumer Engagement, Cost & Efficiency, Measurement & Reporting, Communications) ... this effort, some Alliances have launched programs to educate consumers about unnecessary variations in ... consumers in their communities to learn how to display and describe cost and quality data. This report ...

Mar 12,2014

How do I get consumer feedback on my website?

Organization - Consumer Engagement) ... quality of health care.  Likewise, consumer feedback on your website (a form of “usability testing”) is ...   Steps For Gathering Consumer Feedback   1. Develop a plan . What are ...

Oct 02,2013

What are some ways consumers can help improve health care?

health care. Their Patient and Public Engagement Council (PPEC) fully integrates consumers into the ... Lessons Learned: Engaging Consumers to Improve Ambulatory Care (Ambulatory Care, Community Organization - Consumer Engagement) ...

Oct 02,2013

Cultivating Collaboration

Effectively engaging consumers requires creating a structure and environment that recognizes ... challenge of some stakeholders accepting consumer perspectives as equal, the number of consumers engaged can ... provide reinforcement. AF4Q’s mandate that Alliances engage consumers helped launch some Alliances’ work. ...

May 14,2015

How do I become a better consumer leader?

as a Consumer Leader (Consumer - Consumer Engagement) ... As a consumer leader with your Alliance, you represent consumers who use health care in your ... stakeholder leaders about the unique needs of local consumers, ensure that initiatives are relevant, and ...

Oct 02,2013

How do consumers define health care “value”?

Organization - Consumer Engagement) ... questions, she will sit there and answer 1,500 questions. - Consumer focus group participant   For consumers, health care is no ordinary good or service. It's personal. It's ...

Oct 02,2013

How do I clarify my role as a consumer within my organization or Alliance?

Finding Your Voice as a Consumer Leader (Consumer - Consumer Engagement) ... Consumers have a unique and important perspective to contribute to health care organizations and ... formal and informal roles . Formal roles include serving on consumer advisory boards, steering ...

Oct 02,2013

What do consumers believe about health care costs?

Community Organization - Consumer Engagement) ... consumers. Consumers need to know how much their care will cost so they can compare treatments. Unfortunately, consumers from focus groups report that cost information is difficult to obtain and understand ...

Oct 02,2013

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