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When do consumers find cost and resource use information most useful for decision making?

Consumer Engagement) ...   In the effort to encourage consumers to use cost and resource information to make health care decisions, timing is everything. When consumers have access to data when it’s time to make ...

Oct 02,2013

A Community Embracing the Consumer Voice to Improve Care

Consumer Engagement ... consumer engagement strategy has been the development of the Patient and Public Engagement Council (PPEC). ... (Consumer Engagement) ...

May 09,2013

Do consumers find certain performance measures—such as readmissions and avoidable complications data—useful?

Organization - Consumer Engagement) ...   When consumers are interested in using cost and resource use information to make ... themselves. Consumers find certain resource use measures—such as 30-day readmission and avoidable complication ...

Oct 02,2013

SCPA Launches New Consumer-Focused Public Reporting Site

Consumer Engagement ... (Consumer Engagement, Measurement & Reporting) ... patients to become more engaged in their care, and receive the right care at the right time. AF4Q – South ...

Feb 10,2012

Where should I incorporate consumers into my practice or hospital?

Consumer Advisory Council (Community Organization - Consumer Engagement) ...   There are many ways to include consumers in the day-to-day work of quality improvement. Learn from some examples , and don’t be afraid to get creative.   Put consumers into ...

Oct 02,2013

How do I explain missing data to consumers?

Organization - Consumer Engagement) ... report missing data.   Consumers tend to ignore health professionals for whom no data are available, presuming they are hiding something negative. Reporting missing data tells consumers who is ...

Oct 02,2013

What role do consumers and patients play in reducing readmissions?

Organization - Consumer Engagement) ... prescriptions, and schedule follow-up appointments. Coaches also help consumers with self-care, such as sticking ... family engagement, transition care support, and transition communications. Since 2011, RARE has prevented ...

Oct 02,2013

How does working with consumers influence discharge planning?

Efficiency, Community Organization - Consumer Engagement) ...

Oct 02,2013

Consumer Voices Matter

Consumer Engagement ... care.   (Consumer Engagement, Patient-Centered Care) ... experience as a critical component of care for both providers and consumers.”   The Alliance ...

May 07,2014

April 2014 | Engaged Employers Improve Health Care

href="">Engaging Consumers in Payment Reform Efforts That Impact Care Delivery Practices</a></li> ... engagement ... work and lessons learned in employer engagement ...

Apr 24,2014

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