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Small Tests of Change Grow to Big Results in Reduction of ED Overuse

Hospital Care ... medically underserved population—such as fragmented and duplicative care, poor access to care, and a lack of care coordination—helped spark Milwaukee County’s five health care systems to join forces to address ...

Dec 20,2012

Starting a Conversation about Value

Wed, 2013-05-08 (All day) The intensity of health care services received has much to do with rising health care costs. Many health conditions have many treatment options, some ... would have selected another option if it had been offered, the appropriateness of care suffers, and ...

May 09,2013

Planning for Health

plans and, for the first time, to set measurable goals. As a neutral convener, P² has been instrumental ... facilitate setting measurable goals for each county. P² has helped counties gather input from area residents ... department staff and other health care agency representatives to facilitate the conversations. In a unique ...

Oct 30,2013

Purposeful Process

input once a project is nearly complete, integrate them into the goal-setting process, and then work ... website design for publiclyreported information on health care quality. This process proved challenging in ... of assessing and improving care, and assessing and improving on the consumer engagement work. ...

May 14,2015

Lessons Learned

Stemming the growth of health care costs cannot be accomplished without transparency around the cost and quality of health care being provided. As part of their endeavor to reduce health care cost and spending while promoting the development of high-value care, the Alliances have embarked on ...

May 14,2015

Getting Back to the Basics to Prevent Heart Disease

Patient-Centered Care ... patients and primary care practitioners (PCPs). PCPs must provide their patients with medical clearance, a ... disease costs the United States $108.9 billion each year. This total includes the cost of health care ...

May 09,2013

Display Best Practices

their Health Care Decisions Much of what is displayed in the public reports of the Alliances ... across the Alliances are the same. Exhibit 3. Example of a Clear Public Reporting Home Page ... to their health care decisions. A framework that is introduced on the home page and integrated ...

May 14,2015

Minnesota: Partnering for a Better Patient Experience

care—known as the Clinician and Group Surveys–Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems ... quality of health care providers in Minnesota. Survey data were collected in line with a 2008 state law ... provider, focused on four areas of patient experience: whether patients are getting care when they need it, ...

Oct 30,2013

Comparison of Consumer Engagement Models/Frameworks

CE model looks at the various levels in which patients can engage in their care, both at an ... in Care Help individual patients better manage their own health Partner in Care Support individuals to make more informed and better choices about ...

May 14,2015

Patient Experience Committee Group conference call

Experience in the Inpatient Setting: A Case Study of Three Hospitals, featuring the experience of United ... MRSA prevention in the acute and long term care facilities of the Veterans Administration Pittsburgh ... VAPHS approach to MRSA prevention has been adopted by 153 VA acute care hospitals and over 50 academic ...


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