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Price Transparency: Alternative Approaches to Collecting and Providing Price Information to Consumers

care spending. Across the country, a range of private- and public sector efforts to increase price ... value-based decision making and control increases in health care spending. Across the country, a range of ...


Bringing Consumers to the Table

Forces for Quality was engaging the people who get care—patients and their family members, consumers, and ... health and health care. Organizations of all types are recognizing that it is not enough merely to ... expected to include representation from people who “get care” along with those who “provide care and pay ...

May 14,2015

Representation, Roles, and Responsibilities

“We’re all health care consumers” is true, but not enough; stakeholder definitions are ... perspectives of health care, nor does it invalidate their experiences as patients. Airline pilots, flight ... financial stake in the health care system have a unique perspective. In health care, it’s important not only ...

May 14,2015

A Patient-Centered Plan to Help Super-Utilizers

awarded to six communities across the country. With a more focused plan, the care plan for ... Patient-Centered Care ... (RWJF), health care spending in the United States is unevenly distributed, with the sickest five percent ...

May 09,2013

Insights and Recommendations for Collaboratives: Economic Viability

term. Economic viability is defined by a number of markers, including financial goal setting, revenue ... rigor across costs and revenue streams (e.g., identify cost drivers and develop strategies to manage). ...

May 14,2015

Green Light on Quality Improvement

to advancing its mission to increase health care value and improve the health of people in Wisconsin. ... bringing together workgroups to enhance health care quality and achieve goals established with Aligning Forces for Quality. “We look to the health care organizations to provide the expertise, and we facilitate ...

May 07,2014

Reducing Avoidable Readmissions

in readmissions costs and quality of care. The RARE (Reducing Avoidable Readmissions Effectively) ... Minnesota, to address the fragmentation of the health care system that often leads to preventable hospital ... working on readmissions because “a readmission wasn’t the care we wanted to give our patients.” One ...

Aug 07,2013

SCPA Launches New Consumer-Focused Public Reporting Site

patients to become more engaged in their care, and receive the right care at the right time. AF4Q – South Central PA is one of 16 communities across the nation that’s focused on helping patients understand what high quality care is, and how to get it. The new website is personalized, so patients can enter ...

Feb 10,2012

The Evolving Role of the Consumer Voice in Transforming Industry

industries across the world, including health care, are listening. This panel will feature industries ... as a metaphor, Lynch was actually describing the many challenges consumers face in our health care ... Lynch. Empowered consumers are vital for high-quality health care. Travis Bailey, program manager, ...

Feb 21,2014

Memphis’ Breakfast Club: Comparing Quality

2013-11-04 (All day) One of the most pressing problems in health care is the lack ... national outcomes by setting benchmarks for quality and comparing data among hospitals. CTHA has ... care in Memphis. “Every quality improvement director has their hands full, and oftentimes we don’t ...

Oct 30,2013

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