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AF4Q Greater Boston teams up with Consumer Reports to Releases Patient Experience Data

primary care physicians. Together, MHQP and Consumer Reports released patient experience ratings of nearly 500 primary care physician practices in Massachusetts, including 329 adult practices and 158 pediatric ... to become more involved in their health care. Patients can use the MHQP findings, now featured in the ...

Jun 06,2012


care—patients and their family members, consumers, and consumer representatives (generally referred to below as “consumers” for brevity)—in efforts to improve health and health care. Consumers bring a unique perspective to discussions and decision-making, providing a reality check about how they access and experience care, the ...

May 14,2015

Maine’s “First STEPS” Program Results in Substantial Improvement in Child Immunizations

support 24 primary care practices in improving their child immunization rates. The Muskie School of Public ... average immunization rates across practices increased significantly from 74 percent to 81 percent. ...

Jul 30,2013

Providing Diabetes Self-Management Education in the Workplace

Michigan with diabetes to learn how to manage their care better. Inspired by an earlier effort funded by ... hospital settings, but our goal was to make the classes much more accessible—we thought it would help if ... were either at risk for diabetes or caring for a family member with diabetes.   Classes ...

Dec 05,2012

Quality Teams Making Quality Improvements

collaborative in New Mexico, Quality Transformation in Practice (QTIP), is helping primary care practices (PCPs) bring about improvements in overall diabetes care, including checking blood pressure, blood sugar ... focus was using the chronic care model. The idea was to teach the sites and their providers how to use ...

Oct 30,2013

Sharing Best Practices to Protect Patients from Pneumonia

nonprofit health care improvement organization that was established in 2007 under the Robert Wood Johnson ... multiple initiatives to improve the quality and value of health care. Twice a year, Better Health measures and publicly reports on the care delivered by nearly 500 primary care providers in 46 practices for ...

Dec 19,2012

How do I make sure consumer efforts and activity are meaningful?

  In multi-stakeholder organizations, meaningful consumer engagement (CE) is a set of practices established to activate consumers in all aspects of a project’s design, governance, ... Consumer Recruitment . Networking and knowledge of local health care players are key to recruiting. Orient ...

Oct 02,2013

Payment Reform 101: Why Payment Reform? What is it?

an introduction to health care payment reform concepts. The webinar will address the deleterious ... the role and influence of public purchasers in health care, review types of payment reform models being used by state purchasers and provide an overview of where payment reform is happening across the ...



health care. In addition to moving toward a more transparent health care system that enables consumer ... displays that allow consumers to compare the costs of care or the efficiency (or resource use) of these ... consumer-friendly data that engages consumers in health care decision-making. These lessons learned add to a growing ...

May 14,2015

The Empowered Patient

setting, at the right time is something consumers should demand of the health care system. Consumer ... Quality initiative in West Michigan, is training consumers to be active partners in their health care ... their health care teams more effectively. Alliance for Health is a broad-based community coalition ...

May 09,2013

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