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Sustainability Resource Inventory

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Aligning Forces for Quality stipulates payment reform as one component of the Alliances’ improvement goals. Value-enhancing payment methods are necessary for high-value care, and successful payment reform methods reward, promote, and sustain improvement. [1]  Two of the Alliances’ goals were to ...

May 14,2015


they are increasingly focused on identifying strategies for sustaining their work. Many seek to ...

May 14,2015

Bringing Consumers to the Table

Collaboration Purposeful Process Sustained Support Prepare for ...

May 14,2015

National Program Office Infrastructure

improvement, performance measurement, public reporting, payment reform, cost, sustainability, and equity). ... organizational sustainability given the grant timeline. Administrative Team The Administrative team ...

May 18,2015

Best of 2013—Special Edition

href="">Power of Partnerships for Achieving Payment-Reform Sustainability</a></li> <li> ...

Dec 17,2013

March 2015 | Total Cost of Care

href="">Quality Field Notes: How to Build a Sustainable Patient Experience Program</a></li> ...

Mar 24,2015

Bridging the Gap: Health Care and Population Health

also stressed the importance of finding a sustainable payment model. “Get away from dependence on ... “Incremental strategies are a great way of getting people started and have a better chance of sustainability ...

Oct 22,2013

AF4Q 4.0 RFP

Forces communities will prepare to sustain their efforts and achievements beyond the Aligning Forces ...

Mar 27,2012

April | 2013

roles and responsibilities, and developing a sustainable structure that fosters ongoing, productive ...

Apr 01,2013

On the Front Lines of Asthma Treatment

sustain the efforts over time. “We all need to keep our eyes on the children,” he said. Fostering a ...

May 09,2013

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