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Talking Points About Quality and Access

While much of the discussion surrounding health care revolves around the issue of access to care, quality remains an important issue. These talking points help illuminate the issue through a series of concise messages that communities may use to shape discussion of the importance of quality of care ...

Aug 01,2011

Resource Type: Tool/Utility

Alliances and Employers: Working Together for High-Value Health Care Tool

Employers: Working Together for High-Value Health Care.” The document provides a customizable narrative that illustrates the relationship between health care costs, quality and employee engagement – and the benefits of ... Learning Session #3 Alliances and Employers: Achieving High-Value Health Care ...

Jul 23,2012

Resource Type: Tool/Utility

Lessons Learned: Engaging Employers in Health Care

Employers have great—if, to date, underutilized—market leverage in buying health care, and often can ... hospitals and health plans in their communities to improve care for their employees at a manageable cost. In short, employers can be a key change agent to improve health care quality—but only if motivated and ...

Apr 05,2012

Resource Type: Lessons Learned

Massachusetts: Statewide Initiatives Using PCMH to Transform Care in the Safety Net

pronounced in community health clinics (CHCs) that are committed to delivering primary care to a low-income, ... care with limited resources for populations with complex social, behavioral, and economic issues. The Massachusetts League of Community Health Centers (MLCHC) is the state’s primary care association, ...

May 21,2012

Resource Type: Bright Spot

Reporting Resource Use Information to Consumers: Findings from Consumer Testing

deliver the appropriate kind and amount of care. Another way of referring to resource use is “health care efficiency.” Alliances are educating consumers about resource use or health care efficiency in two ways: 1) by ... AF4Q Alliances produce reports for consumers with comparative information on the quality of care. Some ...

Jan 20,2015

Resource Type: Primer/Brief

Navigating the New HIPPA Rule Webinar

"Exchanging Health Information: Key HIPAA Issues for AF4Q Alliances and CVEs." It started with basic ... Sep (Care Across Settings, Cost & Efficiency) ...

Sep 25,2013

Resource Type: Presentation

Leveraging Existing Patient Survey Efforts: A Decision Guide

Alliances) is the public reporting of standardized measures of patients’ experiences with ambulatory care ... appropriately for public reporting. This decision guide offers a detailed discussion of the issues and choices stakeholders typically will face when using the leveraged approach. It is designed to inform leaders of health ...

Nov 13,2012

Resource Type: How-to

Insights from Aligning Forces for Quality

have worked with local health care stakeholders—the people who give, get and pay for care—to improve ... measurably improving the quality of care delivered; engaging patients in their health care; and exploring ways to pay health care providers based on quality of care. Aligning Forces for Quality is ...

Sep 25,2012

Resource Type: Presentation

Developing a Public Report for the CAHPS Clinician & Group Survey: A Decision Guide

individual health care needs or health status. Over the past several years, the Consumer Assessment of ... care needs or health status. ... demonstrating how well these practices are providing patient-centered care, highlighting strong performers, and ...

Oct 02,2013

Resource Type: Primer/Brief

First Steps in Engaging Employers in Innovative Payment Strategies: Lessons from Wisconsin

employers in considering and adopting innovations in health care purchasing?   This issue brief ... have the potential to be a formidable force in transforming the health care market. However, uptake of ... participating in initiatives that are designed to deliver better value for their health care investments? ...

Jan 24,2014

Resource Type: Primer/Brief

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