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Maternity Care Payment Strategies Catalyst for Payment Reform

Costs associated with pregnancy and its complications are a driving factor in the rising costs of health ... rise. The growing use of medically unnecessary interventions is increasing costs and the incidence ... providers, health plans, consumers and labor groups working to improve quality and reduce costs by ...

May 14,2012

Resource Type: Bright Spot

Maine: Labor-Management Groups Drive Delivery System Redesign

to seek care from the high quality, cost-effective providers MHMC identified. But MHMC encountered ... offering a business case for providers to improve quality or cost. The State Employee Health ... years helping educate SEHC members on the quality and cost problems they faced and built a group eager to ...

May 21,2012

Resource Type: Bright Spot

Data: Foundation of Improving Quality and Value

Those involved in improving healthcare quality and reducing costs know that data are power. Data are the raw material that health care systems need to rebuild care and payment systems ... May (Cost & Efficiency, Measurement & Reporting) ...

May 18,2015


Detroit: Simple Tools Reduce Emergency Department Use

-None- (Cost & Efficiency) ...

May 21,2012

Resource Type: Bright Spot

Getting Greater Value for Your Health Care Benefits: Lessons for Success from Employers, Unions and Coalitions in Aligning Forces for Quality

and cost data. Panelists discussed how to educate employees about the importance of quality and cost ... -None- (Cost & Efficiency) ...

Dec 09,2011

Resource Type: Presentation

Navigating the New HIPPA Rule Webinar

Sep (Care Across Settings, Cost & Efficiency) ...

Sep 25,2013

Resource Type: Presentation

Choosing Wisely - 5 Questions to Ask Your Doctor Before You Get Any Test, Treatment, or Procedure

Feb (Consumer Engagement, Cost & Efficiency) ...

Feb 24,2014

Resource Type: Tool/Utility

Minnesota: Red, Yellow, Green: Appropriate Use of Diagnostic Imaging

Bright Spot Millions of Americans undergo costly and often invasive diagnostic procedures each year. Sometimes these ... is a large contributing factor in the meteoric rise in health care costs. Read more about this ...

May 21,2012

Resource Type: Bright Spot

Alliances and Employers: Working Together for High-Value Health Care Tool

health related costs and the impact to their bottom line. To support Alliances in educating – and ... illustrates the relationship between health care costs, quality and employee engagement – and the benefits of ...

Jul 23,2012

Resource Type: Tool/Utility

Customizing the Communication Toolkit: Materials About Being an Informed Consumer

organizations, and others can use to educate health care consumers about the costs of care and steps they can take to better understand and manage those costs while still getting high-quality care.  The purpose of ...

Feb 21,2014

Resource Type: Tool/Utility

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