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Any Language: Improving the Quality and Availability of Language Services  is the final report of the ... improve the language services these health care organizations provide. The report includes performance ... achieving their goals around improved language services delivery. Also described are the structural, ...

Aug 01,2011

Improving Language Services: February 2012 Quality Forum

Since the launch of Improving Language Services, participating hospitals have reported data solely for inpatient visits.  The Improving Language Services measures are part of a standardized ... for Improving Language Services will provide an overview of the key components needed to sustain and ...


West Michigan and Detroit Hospitals Collaborate to Improve Language Services

Grand Rapids (another Improving Language Services hospital) learned they were missing some components of ... (Equity, Improving Language Services) ... contrast programs and to share efforts on topics such as interpreter reporting structure, language services ...

Sep 07,2011

Improving Language Services October Quality Forum: Ring of Knowledge

October Quality Forum for Improving Language Services will replicate a “ring of knowledge” sharing session. Improving Language Services hospitals have each developed a PowerPoint slide describing ... href="">Slides and materials from the call are available A “ring of knowledge” is a tool ...


Improving Language Services November 2011 Quality Forum

href="">Agenda Available Resources Available Agenda Available


Improving Language Services: January 2012 Quality Forum

href="">Slides Available A “ring of knowledge” is a tool that hospital teams use to ... href="">Slides Available ... Based on feedback from the October Quality Forum, the January Quality Forum for Improving Language ...


Improving Language Services: February 2011 Quality Forum

hospitals and how they used telephone vendor reports to improve language service delivery at their ... href="/improving-language-services-february-2011-quality-forum">here.  


Improving Language Services: November 2010 Quality Forum

The November Quality Forum for Improving Language Services focused on potential improvement strategies hospitals could undertake to improve the delivery of language services.


Improving Language Services

Thirty-two teams representing 12 AF4Q Alliances participated in the Improving Language Services portion of ... collaborative, 100 percent of the hospital teams in Improving Language Services had successfully standardized ... patient’s preferred spoken language for health care. St. Vincent Charity Hospital in Cleveland improved by ...

Jul 25,2012

Improving Language Services: August Quality Forum

href="/improving-language-services-august-2011-quality-forum-resource-collection">Here. ... Language Services August Quality Forum will introduce the Standards, provide a short overview on how they ... Language Services August Quality Forum will introduce the Standards, provide a short overview on how they ...


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