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April 2014 | Engaged Employers Improve Health Care

href="">Cost &amp;amp; Quality Data: Meaningful Displays for Consumers</a></li> <li> <a ... ineffective, or harmful care costs a typical employer between $1,900 and $2,250 per employee every year.&amp;nbsp; AF4Q in <a href="">Cincinnati, led ...

Apr 24,2014

Spotlight on Detroit

Affordable Care Act&amp;#39;s insurance provisions have led to coverage for many people, they still face the challenge of finding a doctor or a dentist. Timing is key. Patients who sign up for Michigan&amp ... regional health and health care disparities.</div> <div> &amp;nbsp;</div> <div> ...

Nov 03,2014

Health Insurance Exchanges

David McGuire of Partners HealthCare System, Inc., took up the issue of cost, saying that health care hasn’t worked well as a marketplace for controlling costs and improving quality and that health care costs are the biggest problem for government at every level.   “We need to align ...

Jun 06,2013

Step By Step: Creating A Pathway To Better Health

chronic conditions manage their own care more effectively. To improve overall health and reduce costs ... said, it became apparent Pathways needed a more efficient, sustainable management structure. Second, ... to change to a more efficient structure, but also maintain our deep commitment protecting the ...

Dec 05,2012

Spotlight on Washington

The Long Road to Lower Health Care Costs ... care costs in the state.</p> <p>At the same time, the Washington Health Alliance has ... published several comprehensive reports, called &amp;ldquo;Community Checkups,&amp;rdquo; that give ...

May 28,2014

Spotlight on Kansas City

Groups">Minnesota Releases Nation&amp;#39;s First Total Cost of Care Data for Medical Groups</a></li> ... A Community Fights Asthma's High Cost, One Child at a Time ... &amp;nbsp;</div> <div> These efforts are led by the Kansas City Quality Improvement Consortium, one of ...

Jan 07,2015


National Partnership for Woman & Families. Since then, the scale and interest has grown. Growing emphasis on quality and cost transparency and inclusion of patient engagement in patient-centered medical ...

May 14,2015

Display Best Practices

Displaying Comparative Quality and Cost Measurements: Key Considerations to Engage Consumers in their Health Care Decisions Much of what is displayed in the public reports of the Alliances ... patient-centered, timely, efficient, and equitable—to group measures in the display. Patients find effectiveness, ...

May 14,2015

Taking Asthma Care to New Heights

enhance the readiness of health care professionals and facilities to provide cost-efficient care that is ... of the program is providing an efficient form of communication and information about participating ...

May 07,2014

Minnesota: Partnering for a Better Patient Experience

(CG-CAHPS)—from 651 clinics are now available for consumers to use along with other information on the cost and ... Our focus for the future will be how to make the survey process more timely and efficient and explore ...

Oct 30,2013

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