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Creating Regional Partnerships to Improve Care Transitions

Care Across Settings Care Across Settings ... ensure patient care that is coordinated across care settings. This series of briefs highlights the ...

Jul 28,2014

A Holistic Approach to Improving Health Care

Patient-Centered Care Ambulatory Care Care Across Settings ... , Care Across Settings, Patient-Centered Care, Medicaid) ...

May 07,2014

country.   Care Across Settings Track - Collection - ... 2010 (Care Across Settings) ... For the past decade, the high-quality, relatively low-cost health care delivered in Grand Junction, ...

Nov 29,2011

Small Providers, Better Diabetes Care

Ambulatory Care Care Across Settings Patient-Centered Care ... Care, Care Across Settings, Patient-Centered Care) ...

May 07,2014

Care Transitions Gain Ground

Patient-Centered Care Care Across Settings ... New York will thrive after an acute hospital episode. (Care Across Settings, Patient-Centered ...

May 07,2014

Closing the Loop on Care Transitions

Care Across Settings ... the inpatient hospital setting to other care settings, improve quality of care, reduce readmissions ... Across Settings, Reducing Readmissions) ...

May 09,2013

Taking Asthma Care to New Heights

Care Across Settings ... children with asthma.   (Care Across Settings, Consumer Engagement) ... has proven it cares about asthma control. To help the more than 150,000 children diagnosed with the ...

May 07,2014

(brennan upenn, brennan upenn) (Care Across Settings, Reducing Readmissions) ...

Nov 22,2011

The Transitional Care Model: Achieving Higher Value Care

AF4Q’s final Care Across Settings webinar, Dr. Naylor will introduce participants to the Transitional ... color: black; font-family: Verdana,Geneva; font-size: 10pt;">In AF4Q’s final Care Across Settings ... settings of care.


Kansas City Partnership Helps Children Manage Asthma

Care Across Settings ... (Care Across Settings, Consumer Engagement) ... boost the overall quality of health care in communities across the country and provide models for ...

Oct 23,2014

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