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(Practice-based Coaching) ...

Jan 14,2015

PCPs drive reduction in Cleveland hospitalizations

Care, Measurement & Reporting, Practice-based Coaching) ... coaches. Practice coaches provide on-site technical support to primary care practices.   The ...

Apr 15,2013

Aug (Consumer Engagement, Patient-Centered Care, Practice-based Coaching) ...

Aug 14,2013

Leveraging Existing Infrastructure for Statewide Practice Improvement

(Cost & Efficiency, Patient-Centered Care, Practice-based Coaching) ...

May 23,2012

Turning on Light Bulbs: Project Better Care Works to Improve Primary Care in Memphis

(Practice-based Coaching) ... coaching for high-need patients. Five small primary care providers were identified, assessed, and ... providers and staff, and patient coaching for high-need patients. “It’s a process of turning on these light ...

May 09,2013

Local QI Collaborative Provides Framework for Culture Shift

(Ambulatory Care, Practice-based Coaching) ...

May 22,2012

On the Front Lines of Asthma Treatment

(Practice-based Coaching) ...

May 09,2013

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