PCPs drive reduction in Cleveland hospitalizations

15 Apr 2013

Better Health Greater Cleveland was recently featured in Family Practice News.

Better Health Greater Cleveland reduced hospitalizations for patients with diabetes, hypertension, angina, or heart failure by 10% over a three year period by improving the robustness of primary care in the region. This reduction in hospitalizations has saved an estimated $20 million in health care costs. Cuyahoga County experienced 2,624 fewer hospital stays than expected based on trends in other Ohio counties. 
Strategies to reduce hospitalizations include expanding the use of electronic health records, public reporting of performance, and practice coaches. Practice coaches provide on-site technical support to primary care practices.
The reduction in hospitalizations can also be attributed to the twice-yearly meetings of all area primary care practices as well, where best practices and ideas are shared among providers.  Even the renowned Cleveland Clinic system claimed to have  benefitted from these collaborative sessions in the areas of improving care transitions and patient-centered medical home accreditation. 
Public reports can be found online at www.betterhealthcleveland.org and are updated twice a year.