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As Ann Abdella would bicycle to work, she would pass by small farms and think about the similarities between small farmers and independent primary care practices. Both are the backbone of the community and have a great sense of pride, but they are disappearing at a rapid rate. Primary care is the foundation for transforming our health care system. For almost a century, farmers have had the support of local extension agents. Independent physicians have had to fend for themselves. That is, until trained practice enhancement associates, or PEAs, came to Western New York to help practices...

Health care leaders in and around Buffalo are improving how vulnerable patients in the area’s “safety net” clinics receive their health care. By working closely with diverse patient groups, frontline clinicians are helping patients with diabetes modify their diets, develop lasting exercise regimens and change the way they manage their health. These efforts are led by the P2 Collaborative of Western New York, one of RWJF’s Aligning Forces for Quality (AF4Q) communities, which has brought together providers, patients, employers and insurers to help improve...

Aligning Forces for Quality (AF4Q) is the visionary effort of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to pilot real change in today's complicated health care system. For the past six years, AF4Q has brought together 16 geographically, demographically, and economically diverse communities across the United States behind a common purpose—to create sustainable models for health care transformation. Our ideas and initiatives have led to improvements in how health care is delivered, reductions in racial and ethnic disparities, and increased...

The Aligning Forces for Quality (AF4Q) initiative in Western New York is led by the P² Collaborative of Western New York, Inc. (P² Collaborative). The mission of this nonprofit organization is to improve the health of people in WNY by empowering patients to maintain healthy lifestyles, ensuring access to the highest quality of care, and promoting the implementation of proven practices in medicine. Incorporated in 2002, the P² Collaborative facilitates the development of a community-wide standard for the promotion of wellness and initiates dialogue with government leadership to promote policy change. The organization includes a diverse board of directors that represents the three major health plans in the area, health care providers, consumer advocates, businesses, labor organizations, the media, faith-based organizations, the education community and a university medical school.

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