A Foundation for Quality Improvement

06 Mar 2012

Article in Health Affairs Highlights Western New York’s Efforts to Build a Community-Wide Quality Improvement Infrastructure
Efforts to improve the quality of U.S. health care are being undertaken in many communities nationwide, as experts promote practical ways for doctors and nurses to enhance the care provided to patients. A new study published in Health Affairs highlights the actions undertaken by one community organization to build a local network of resources to help local doctors and nurses deliver better care to patients.

The study, authored by a team of researchers from the Pennsylvania State University; University of Michigan; University of Minnesota; and Northwestern University, chronicles the P2 Collaborative of Western New York’s efforts to build a community-wide network for improving care in the region. P2 is part of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Aligning Forces for Quality initiative, the signature effort by the Foundation to lift the overall quality of health care in 16 targeted communities. The study documents P2’s efforts to coordinate existing quality improvement initiatives, bring disparate stakeholders together, facilitate new programs when needed, and create a clear vision and strategy for improving health in Western New York. The challenges and successes experienced by P2 offer many lessons learned for other community-based organizations attempting this work.

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