Aligning Forces Alliances in Maine, Minnesota, and Oregon were recently featured in Health Affairs for their efforts in developing safety-net accountable care organizations (ACO). ACO-focused initiatives have early signs of success in delivering cost-effective, patient-centered care while advancing patient engagement, thus achieving Medicaid’s Triple Aim. Safety-net ACOs are collaborative entities of...

In 1975, Mylia Christensen was a self-described “baby nurse.” One night, after the emergency department erupted into chaos, a switch flipped, and she knew her life’s calling would be health care. Some 30-odd years later, Christensen found herself on her first day of work for Oregon Health Care Quality Corporation. This patient’s vital signs were good: a spunky, 10-year-old organization with a great genetic blueprint, but in need of a treatment plan. Together, the staff and the board set about improving the quality of health care for all Oregonians. “These...

The Oregon Health Care Quality Corporation (Q Corp), the leader of the AF4Q Oregon initiative, recently released the nation's first public reports on the quality of regional primary care providers including Medicare data, offering consumers more comprehensive information. The new reports are published on Q-Corp's website, www.PartnerforQualityCare.org.
Previously, Q Corp public reports gave consumers access to information on care from the Oregon Health Authority, 12 of Oregon's largest...

The Aligning Forces for Quality (AF4Q) initiative in Oregon is led by the Oregon Health Care Quality Corporation (Quality Corp). Established in 2000, Quality Corp is an independent, nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the quality and affordability of health care in Oregon by leading community collaborations and producing unbiased information. The Quality Corp Board of Directors includes 25 members representing health plans, physicians, hospitals, policymakers, consumers and employers. Quality Corp’s consumer engagement program, Partner for Quality Care, provides Oregonians with information they can use to get high-quality care.   

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