A Leader in Health Data Collection

07 Aug 2013
The Oregon Alliance’s focus on data and reporting has led it to become a critical partner with Oregon’s state Medicaid organization. The data infrastructure Oregon built from scratch is invaluable to health reform. Because of its comprehensive data, the Oregon Alliance has become one of the go-to organizations in the country for health information.
Q Corp, leader of the AF4Q initiative in Oregon, is a champion at gathering and analyzing data. Q Corp’s quality and utilization reports have become an integral part of health care transformation efforts. Over the years, Quality Corp’s provider directory has grown to include information for 3,300 providers—meaning that nearly 81 percent of Oregon’s practicing primary care providers are now eligible to receive reports on more than 20 measures supporting quality improvement efforts. 
What does this mean for Oregonians? Q Corp’s consumer engagement program, Partner for Quality Care, provides patients with information they can use to get high-quality care. The Partner for Quality Care website includes quality scores for clinics in Oregon for chronic diseases, women’s preventive care, pediatric care, and the appropriate use of health care services, such as imaging for low back pain. With this information, Oregonians can compare care performance in their area and learn more about the health care services they should be receiving. 
Quality Corp’s claims database now includes information for 75 percent of the commercially insured population, 71 percent of the Medicaid population, and 38 percent of the Medicare Advantage population in Oregon. Aggregating these data at the patient, provider, clinic, medical group, health plan, county, and state levels allows Quality Corp to produce quality and utilization reports for multiple stakeholders that are not available elsewhere in Oregon. Aggregated heath data has tremendous potential to inform health care decision making, and Oregon is leading the way.