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Aligning Forces to Reduce Racial and Ethnic Disparities: Findings from an Assessment of AF4Q Hospital, Provider and Health Plan R/E/L Data Collection Practices

specific patient populations. Public ...

Aug 01,2011

Resource Type: Report

Insights from the Field: How Reports on Health Care Cost, Resource use, and Quality Can Better Serve Local Physician Organizations

influencing the delivery of health care for a defined population. In order to play that role effectively, ... How-to Multi-stakeholder health care collaboratives are making progress in collecting and analyzing health care cost, ...

Aug 18,2015

Resource Type: How-to

Better Care, Better Health, Lower Cost

2011 (a cost savings of $20 million). Better Health Greater Cleveland, a program of the Robert ... Focusing primarily on Cuyahoga County, Ohio, Better Health has expanded the number of clinical members in the county, that allows them to better serve their target population.   The results of ...

Jan 30,2013

Resource Type: Report

Massachusetts: Statewide Initiatives Using PCMH to Transform Care in the Safety Net

pronounced in community health clinics (CHCs) that are committed to delivering primary care to a low-income, vulnerable population in a fee-for-service system. These CHCs are also under pressure to provide coordinated care with limited resources for populations with complex social, behavioral, and economic issues. ...

May 21,2012

Resource Type: Bright Spot

AF4Q 101 Slidedeck

the overall quality of health care in targeted communities, reduce racial and ethnic disparities and ... unprecedented commitment to improve health care in 16 geographically, demographically, and economically diverse communities that together cover 12.5 percent of the U.S. population. This presentation, given on April ...

Nov 04,2011

Resource Type: Presentation

Chronic Care Model

population-based model that relies on knowing which patients have the illness, assuring that they receive ... improve health disparities at a primary care practice level and is a great resource for Ambulatory Quality ...

Sep 17,2011


Kansas City: A Patient’s Story: Integrating Equity in PCMH Kansas

practice, patient-centered health care should fit the unique needs and preferences of individual ... some like Kansas City, serving a diverse population, are further challenged by racial and ethnic disparities ... Quality Improvement Consortium (KCQIC) partnered with Swope Health Services, a federally qualified health ...

May 21,2012

Resource Type: Bright Spot

AF4Q Race, Ethnicity, and Language (R/E/L) Training

in identifying and reducing disparities in health care Outline key decision points that ... racial and ethnic minorities often receive lower-quality health care than white patients, regardless of ... interventions targeted to specific patient populations. Furthermore, the collection of R/E/L ...

Oct 14,2011

Resource Type: Presentation

Leveraging Existing Patient Survey Efforts: A Decision Guide

stakeholders typically will face when using the leveraged approach. It is designed to inform leaders of health ... » The Level at Which to Collect and Report Data » Which Populations to Survey » How ...

Nov 13,2012

Resource Type: How-to

Advancing Primary Care: Opportunities to Support Care Delivery Redesign in Practices Serving Medicaid and Racially and Ethnically Diverse Patients

advanced practice models improve care delivery through meaningful use of health information technology, ... populations and areas of opportunity where primary care offices may need external resources to facilitate care ... primary care for the current 60 million, soon to be 80 million, beneficiaries under health reform.  ...

Aug 16,2012

Resource Type: Lessons Learned

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