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Summary of Alliance Use of Composite Measures

memo presents an overview of how clinical composite measures are currently being used by Aligning Forces Alliances and highlights important issues to consider when deciding to report aggregate measures ... (Measurement & Reporting) ...

Aug 01,2011

Resource Type: How-to

AF4Q Webinar - Aligning National, State and Regional Measurement Initiatives Agenda

Agenda for the December 18, 2012 webinar exploring efforts to align and better coordinate federal, state and regional performance measurement initiatives. Reconciling Measures across Multiple Quality Improvement Efforts ...

Dec 06,2012


Communicating with Physicians about Performance Measurement

performance measurement. Public ... (Measurement & Reporting) ...

Aug 01,2011

Resource Type: How-to

Measuring Patient Experience

This primer discusses the importance of measuring patient experience as part of health care quality ... experiences deemed essential for high-quality, patient-centered care actually take place. Measuring ... Quality to assist community health collaboratives in discussing the growing importance of measuring ...

Apr 30,2012

Resource Type: Article/Commentary/Opinion

Opportunities for Medicaid Inclusion in Performance Measurement and Public Reporting (Issue Brief)

Apr (Measurement & Reporting) ...

Aug 01,2011

Resource Type: Primer/Brief

Composite Measures: A New Gold Standard in Diabetes Care

diabetes composite measures into their public reporting structures are already experiencing success in both ... 28 (Measurement & Reporting) ...

Feb 28,2014

Resource Type: Article/Commentary/Opinion

Measuring Success in Social Media Presentation

Presentation John Kenyon's presentation from the workshop 'Measuring Success in Social Media' at the May 2014 National Meeting. Public ...

May 02,2014

Resource Type: Presentation

Counting Change: Measuring Health Care Prices, Costs, and Spending

domestic product. A number of major efforts across country are attempting to understand, measure, and ... quantifying cost and spending, and many are trying to understand and measure economic variables in novel ways. As these measurement initiatives develop, those attempting this work almost immediately face a series ...

May 14,2012

Resource Type: Article/Commentary/Opinion

Reporting Cost and Resource Use Measures to Consumers: A Primer

measures to consumers in your community. Recognize and address some of the challenges involved in ... and resource use measures to consumers. Public ...

Jan 10,2012


Good for Health, Good for Business: The Case for Measuring Patient Experience of Care

section is a set of concise messages to assist in making the case to stakeholders for measuring and ...

Aug 01,2011

Resource Type: Primer/Brief

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