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Starting a Conversation about Value

vary a great deal, understanding, measuring, and revealing this variation is an important step in ... transparency. The Alliance already has added clinical outcomes results for Medicare patients to bring measures ...

May 09,2013

One Size Doesn't Fit All

tools.” Wheaton Franciscan is tracking outcome data for participating diabetes patients to measure the ... several key indicators of diabetes care, which will be compared to measurements taken at program ...

May 13,2013

A Community Embracing the Consumer Voice to Improve Care

performance measures for quality, public reporting, and translating members’ own health care experiences to ... mission to drive measureable improvements in health care quality, patients’ experiences of care, and use ...

May 09,2013

Improving Care Everywhere: Local Solutions to National Problems

and performance measurement on increasing emergency department throughput.


December 2013 | The Consumer Perspective

experience and service because of this survey,” said David Satin, MD, who sits on the measurement and reporting committee of MN Community Measurement, leader of the Aligning Forces for Quality ...

Dec 13,2013

Improving Equity of Care

href="">Composite Measures: A New Gold Standard in Diabetes Care</a></li> <li> <a ...

Mar 27,2014

Spotlight on Washington

a variety of measures, such as diabetes care, prevention, avoidance of unnecessary imaging and use ... experience survey, which measures patients&rsquo; experiences with local primary care providers. Known as ...

May 28,2014

Consumer Voices Matter

Alliance released the results of its second patient experience survey, which measures patients’ experiences ... is, the percentage of patients whose responses indicate high performance for a given measure. The ...

May 07,2014

Small Providers, Better Diabetes Care

snapshot of where a practice is in terms of measures like body mass index captured, tobacco screening, and blood pressure less than 140/90. Providers can look at the whole practice or measures associated with ...

May 07,2014

September 2014 | Forming Innovative Partnerships

href="">Crafting a Measuring Stick for for Health Care Costs</a></li> <li> <a ...

Sep 09,2014

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