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Amplifying the Message to Consumers

Alliances to engage with consumers about the value and potential uses of publicly reported cost and quality ...

May 14,2015

Deploying Technical Assistance for Success

Aligning Forces for Quality (AF4Q) was a multi-year, multi-stakeholder effort funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) to improve the quality and lower the cost of care in 16 diverse communities across the country. Collectively, these communities represented 37 million people and 31,000 ...

May 18,2015

AF4Q Background

higher-quality, lower-cost health care. Cross-sector collaborative efforts can vary in their formality and ...

May 14,2015

Evolve: Bringing Data to Life for Healthier Communities

the individual’s experience of care, the health of the population, and the overall costs of the health ... understanding how care is utilized and how our community may more effectively improve outcomes and lower costs ...

May 07,2014

The Evolving Role of the Consumer Voice in Transforming Industry

didn't always take you to the right address, use the best route, only told you the cost of the trip after ... .@Wendy_Lynch compares #healthcare to transportation industry - where you only learn the cost of the trip after ...

Feb 21,2014

Spotlight on Maine

outcomes while reducing overall health care costs. Funded in part by RWJF&rsquo;s Aligning Forces for ... <p>One percent of Americans account for 20 percent of the nation&rsquo;s health care costs; five ...

Jun 18,2014

Spotlight on Humboldt County

a cost of more than $26 billion every year.</div> <div> &nbsp;</div> ... understanding how care is utilized and how our community may more effectively improve outcomes and lower costs ...

Sep 18,2014

Paving the Way to Payment Reform in New Mexico

a method in which payments to health care providers are related to the predetermined expected costs ... productivity, enhancing quality, and reducing costs. The coalition will prepare a final model for the state’s ...

May 06,2013

Alliance Roles

Developing a Public Report:  Key Considerations to Develop and Sustain Multi-stakeholder Buy-in Choosing the correct display for quality and cost measures is only one part of a multi-year and ... measurement . Initial resistance to public reports of quality and cost often surrounded the validity of the ...

May 14,2015

Applying a Team Approach to Patient Discharge

readmissions, which then ultimately controls costs. TCAB could have a role in this environment by controlling costs through reducing the need for repeat hospitalizations because discharge planning is now more ... hospitals will see the value of TCAB and use it as a model for improving both the quality and costs of ...

Dec 13,2012

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