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Full Agenda - November 2012

      -Show Me the Money: Connecting Cost and Quality to Safely Transform Care Delivery       ...

Oct 23,2012

Spotlight on Cincinnati

health care choices are the key to curbing the increase in the cost of health benefits. In addition, a ...

Mar 11,2014

Spotlight on Memphis

barriers such as cost, proximity of primary care clinicians, and availability of transportation services ...

Aug 05,2014

Best of 2013—Special Edition

<p>Interested in reducing health care costs and the number of emergency department (ED) visits while enhancing ...

Dec 17,2013

Helping Consumers Make Better Health Care Choices

reform, doctors and hospitals are being asked to focus on the “triple aim” of lowering healthcare costs ...

Dec 19,2012

Bringing Farm-Fresh Foods to an Urban Community Fighting Obesity

illnesses, and reducing health care expenses. The medical care costs for obesity are about $147 billion in ...

Dec 19,2012

'Lean' Teams Build Patient-Centered Medical Homes

practices face. “When they explain all the things they’re trying to do to cut health care costs, it will ...

Dec 19,2012

Shamelessly Stealing Great Ideas

frugal,” she added. “Many of their ideas don’t cost a lot of money at all and really increase patient ...

Dec 19,2012

Small Tests of Change Grow to Big Results in Reduction of ED Overuse

for underserved populations and achieve better outcomes and better health care at a lower cost,” said ...

Dec 20,2012

Getting the Scoop: How Alliances Can Work with the Media

and journalism educator. He is the author of The $800 Million Pill: The Truth Behind the Cost of New ...

Jun 25,2013

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