Improving Quality and Patient Safety in Maine

02 Sep 2011

To improve quality locally, 11 hospitals across Maine are participating in the AF4Q Hospital Quality Network. At these hospitals, teams are working together to improve the quality and safety of patient care by piloting and testing new quality improvement strategies. More specifically, they are working to help reduce the amount of time spent waiting in emergency departments, ensure that patients who are discharged from the hospital are not readmitted because they missed important elements of their care, and improve how they communicate with diverse patients.

In addition, 14 Maine facilities (13 hospitals and one short-term acute care facility) are participating in the AF4Q Transforming Care at the Bedside, a new nurse-led hospital program that engages frontline staff to work together to identify, pilot, test and adopt new practices. The program also aims to increase the vitality and retention of nurses and frontline staff, engage and improve the patient’s experience of care and improve the effectiveness of the entire care team. Participating nurses will then share their successes and lessons learned with other hospitals across the country.