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Maintaining employer engagement in the absence of a quantifiable return on investment is difficult. In many Alliances, employers did not have a well-defined role at the start of the program. ... educating employees about being informed consumers, often they did not align with existing employer ...

May 14,2015

Sustainability and Long-Term Viability

consumers, purchasers, and employers. Building Alliance and community capacity, knowledge, and skills to ... diversifying revenue, engaging partners, and launching new services and products. This inventory consolidates ...

May 14,2015

Insights and Recommendations for Collaboratives: Focused Business Strategy

Alliances faced challenges around how to communicate the benefits of actively engaging with and paying for ... clear and compelling value proposition will enable collaboratives to strategically focus and engage ... you are operating in? What trends might affect your work? Consumers/Clients: Who ...

May 14,2015

National Program Office Infrastructure

summary of activities and challenges in each of the major program areas (consumer engagement, quality ... consumer engagement, measurement, and reporting). The goals of AF4Q drove the general direction that each ... thorough grasp of existing community relationships and thoughtful strategies for engaging many parties ...

May 18,2015

Getting the Scoop: How Alliances Can Work with the Media

story requires quick legwork; know-how about how to create a strong narrative; the ability to engage ... emotional message that resonated with a large audience—everyone. Consumers often choose to use emergency ... fast, far-reaching new way to share an Alliance's stories in real-time while fostering consumer ...

Jun 25,2013

The "Secret Sauce" of Alliance Building

People want to meaningfully engage at the table. Take advantage of those at your table. #AF4Q   @MHQP: Consumers come in different 'flavors': represent ...

Jun 06,2013

Paving the Path to Better Health in Humboldt County

more cities and communities. Our Pathways to Health Humboldt County is a pillar of consumer engagement ...

Oct 30,2013

PBS Affiliate Features SCPA Program

provider takes care of everything,” says Goedecker. Kathy Hutcheson, the consumer engagement coordinator ...

Mar 13,2014

February | 2013

comparable Chrysler. In fact, a small amount of research can help a consumer compare prices on just about any ... Engaging Employers in Health Care ... engaged, they can push hospitals and health plans in their communities to improve care for their employees ...

Dec 20,2012

Spotlight on Detroit

Consumer Engagement <div> The ... disparities reduction: multi-stakeholder coalitions of consumers, providers, and payers are vital to reducing ...

Nov 03,2014

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